Not I ~ final presentation by Alireza Keymanesh, guest researcher at the ArtEZ courses Dance, Master of Choreography, and the DAI (Dutch Art Institute). May 14th 2014 // Place: Theater one at ArtEZ // Time at 20:00

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Not I, Free Adaptation of Samuel Beckett's "Not I", written by Alireza Keymanesh

Alireza Keymanesh is an Iranian actor and a guest researcher at ArtEZ School of Arts. He started his research at ArtEZ in June 2013, on the subject of "The society's influence on the human body", and the similarity of this subject with the influence of Samual Beckett's scripts on the performer's body. He carried out this research by participating in the courses' Dance, Master of Choreography, and the course APPROPRIATION AND DEDICATION, curated and tutored by If I Can't Dance I Don't Want to Be Part Of Your Revolution for/ at the DAI (Dutch Art Institute).

"Not I" will be the second play that Alirezah has performed at ArtEZ and it is his final presentation. There will be a post talk discussion after the Performance.

"Not I" is a research based Physical or Dance Theater Performance. He has been working on this for more than one year. Everything began with Samuel Beckett's script called Not I. By reading the book Discipline and Punishment written by Michel Foucault and  by practicing various techniques such as "View Points", ballet and other classical dance forms, 'contact improvisation', everything became somewhat independent of, as well as relevant to, Not I, up until the moment Keymanesh decided to make a free adaptation of Not I.

This is a piece which has different layered, elements and images that both individually and combined together create a different take on the play. The end result expresses the notions of punishment and discipline of 'the body in society',  seen as an oppressed element.


Actors: Alireza Keymanesh, Riedon van den Berg, Sophie Mayuex // Advisor: João da Silva // Composer: Pasha Karami // Graphic designer: Shokouh Ahmadi // Photo by: Saeed Siadati.

A production of 84theater Company.



ArtEZ institute of the arts // Onderlangs 9, 6812 CE Arnhem

Alirezah Keymanesh position as guest researcher in the Netherlands has been initiated and  kindly supported by UAF