AGORA 4th Athens Biennale 2013 / Event as a Process, Cities in an Ongoing State of Emergency and the Artists' Stance / presentation and discussion hosted by Eva Fotiadi & Nikos Doulos (DAI, 2008) with a.o Foundland (Ghalia Elsrakbi & Lauren Alexander (DAI, 2011)

| tag: Athens

Recent protest marches and other events involving the expression of public disobedience, coupled with the manifold implications of the financial crisis have left their marks on urban space. These marks are far more than 'static' vestiges, but also include the ongoing processes of abandoning commercial and residential spaces, various forms of reappropriating such spaces, the flows of online news and blogging, an increase in the rates of violence and the respective mobilization of the repressive apparatus. Such traces and responses feed a constant transition and reconfiguration of the public space and the public sphere. Therefore they ought to be seen as both effects and causes, which call for a reading beyond their assessment as an event's aftermath. The platform's aim is to explore the city as narrative, as mediated portrait and the artist as public intellectual.

The launch of the platform will be hosted by Eva Fotiadi & Nikos Doulos and will include contributions/responses by Sofia Dona, Vasillis Noulas & FOUNDLAND

You can access the platform through the 4th Athens Biennale website:

Tuesday, 22/10, 19:00–20:30, Sofokleous 8–10