2013 How To Do Things With Theory / seminars, individual tutorials, thesis advice, and guestlectures




Guestlecture Friday October 18: by Phillipe-Alain Michaud curated by Alena Alexandrova

Guestlecture Friday November 29: by Marieke Borren curated by Jorinde Seijdel   

Guestlecture Friday February 14: by Jeff Guess curated by Alena Alexandrova

Guestlecture Friday March 14: by Walid Sadek curated by Bassam el Baroni

Guestlecture Friday April 11: by Oliver Davis curated by Jorinde Seijdel

Guestlecture Friday May 16: by Brian Kuon Wood curated by Bassam el Baroni


In the course of their studies at he DAI the students have to complete a written thesis. This is the culmination of the two-year course How to do Things with Theory, which consists of a monthly theory seminar/ plenary session, a Friday afternoon lecture delivered by a guest speaker and one-to-one meetings between the students and the thesis tutors Alena Alexandrova, Bassam el Baroni and Jorinde Seijdel on Thursdays. For the plenary sessions the master students have to read, discuss and briefly introduce theoretical texts from various fields. They develop skills to read and formulate questions for further inquiry. In addition to that, practical issues related to research and writing are addressed in a workshop. The Friday lecture, curated by either Alena Alexandrova or Bassam el Baroni or Jorinde Seijdel and delivered by a distinguished guest provides a broader context, and a chance to get acquainted with current discourse, and curatorial projects. While during the first year the focus is on developing research skills and a central question for the thesis, formally submitted as a thesis project, during the second year the students engage in further research and writing the thesis.

The thesis is a written text and it is designed to help the students to develop skills to formulate relevant questions, which strengthen their artistic practices, and simultaneously allow them to position their work in a broader context. Theory is considered as field that ideally provides students with conceptual tools and strategies in their creative practices. The border between the theory and creative practice is porous and allows for interpenetration of ideas and approaches. Each thesis is presented to a carefully selected independent reviewer/examiner. For an overview of thesis titles plus abstracts and their subsequent external reviews from earlier years go here.

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