a-n-e-w / CAMP (Contemporary Art Meeting Place) / exhibition with Fotini Gouseti (DAI, 2013) and others

| tag: Athens

Six artists, already members of an art collective based in Munich, having the idea of rhythm as their common theoretical ground, meet again. Four more artists get invited to collaborate with them at CAMP (Contemporary Art Meeting Place) in the center of Athens. Three other artists refuse to participate in the show.
What kind of requirements must an art show satisfy in order to attract the contemporary art world? Are there still inviolable laws in the art system?
The ambiguous title of the exhibition a-n-e-w contains this contradiction. Is it something that has already happened or something new? Uncertainty is the unifying link of the story. A fundamental concept of this link is the repetition which causes the review of what has preceded, but also the creative search for something new, as a likely aftermath. It is a presentation that calls into question its very existence through conscious restatement. By deconstructing their certainties, the artists are challenged to place themselves into a new condition. Every event has its consequences.
The a-n-e-w provides the opportunity for a new evaluation of what is considered timeless and what established in the art world as part of the contemporary reality.

Participating artists: Sofia Arvaniti, Fotini Gouseti, Nobuko Hayashi, Yuliia Koval, Aris Michalopoulos, Kali Nikolou,
Herbert Rometsch, Stefan Schessl, Petros Sianos, Stavro Christo Vlachakis.


CAMP Contemporary Art Meeting Point, 4 Efpolidos & 2 Apellou str., Kotzia Square, Athens