Jakob Jakobsen

Jakob Jakobsen is a visual artist and writer. Self-organisation has driven his practice throughout, and over the years he has built a number of autonomous institutions such as the Copenhagen Free University, the Hospital Prison University Archive and most recently the Hospital for Self Medication. While living in London in the nineties he ran a project room called Info Centre and the irregular journal Infopool. In 2002 he was involved in setting up a union for young artists and curators called Young Art Workers (UKK), which is still active today. In 2004 he helped setting up and running the activist television station tvtv in Copenhagen. Jakobsen has been widely involved in the activist scene in Copenhagen taking part in organising protests against gentrification, migrants rights and urban free space. He has shown extensively internationally including the 31st Sao Paulo Biennale and at Documenta 13. He lives and works in Copenhagen and Berlin.