2012 / Artist, editor: Lara Morais / Title: To the North, South, East and West, nothing. The curtain falls. End of Act One. / Designer: Erica Preli / Text: João Silvério, Job Floris, José Carlos Campos, Lara Morais

Collection editors: Mattin, Yolande van der Heide for Publishing Class

Publisher: Dutch Art Institute/ MFA ArtEZ

Distribution: DAI / please contact Jacq van der Spek             


Several stories around an inn that has an historical background connected to the Portuguese regime. The ruins of a space where translated from the gaze to the words, from volume to flatness.
The history of the space has this paradox of being a manifesto against architecture of its time and at the same time it become a symbol of the regime.
Departing from a very concrete prove (the building) and a very subjective experience (ones relation with the space) a fiction was created around a history that the writer did not experience, describing and mediating a space that now it does not exist.