2012 - Dakar: Work in Progress - Learning Pieces / DAI & Raw Material Company, Collège Universitaire d'Architecture, Ecole des Sables

Travelers: Grant Watson, Ian White, Tanja Baudoin ( IICD), Renée Ridgway, Florian Göttke, Gabriëlle Schleijpen, Jacq van der Spek, Ingeborg Entrop, Yoeri Guepin, Maja Hodoscek, Magda Mellin, Momu and No Es, Padraig Robinson,Mercedes Azpilicueta, Rosie Heinrich, Anna Hoetjes, Eden Mitsenmacher, Lara Morais, Ane Ostrem, Eric Philippoz, Vanja Smiljanic, Marija Sujica, Witta Tjan, Sander Uitdehaag, Mariana Zamarbide, Katja van Driel, Fotini Goussetti, Susan van Hengstum, Rei Kakiuchi, Isabel Marcos, David Maroto, Fraser Stewart, Rui Vilela.

Local partners:  Raw Material CompanyCollège Universitaire d'Architecture in Dakar, Ecole des Sables

When: May 3 till May 16

During the Biennale and Dakar OFF events the DAI teams up with colleagues in and around Dakar. Findings will be shared during a public presentation on May 14, organized in collaboration with Raw Material Company, center for art, knowledge and society that works to foster appreciation and growth of African artistic and intellectual creativity.

The three projects: 

1. Negotiating Equity

looks at 'curation as artistic practice' in regard to local contexts, in-situ installations and digital technologies. This year it finds form and conclusion in the streets, landscapes and with the people of Dakar. Participants develop projects that include tourist attractions such as the controversial Monument to African Renaissance, where the ideological ownerships of imported monuments will be questioned. Traversing two worlds, a sound composition
will unite the distinct differences between Ile de Gorée, nowadays a Unesco heritage site that marks its importance as a monument for Atlantic slave trade, and the Dutch island of Goeree which it was named after. The presidential palace is not only the seat of government in Dakar but has become the site of citizens' self-immolation as a form of protest, which will be mapped through GPS and video interviews.

With: Amoniak Graff, Pape MamadouCamara (Youngnoble Outlaw), Docta, and Bram Posthumus.

Negotiating Equity is curated and organized by Renée Ridgway and n.e.w.s.


2. practice-theatre

a performance project tutored by Ian White in collaboration with Emma Hedditch and Jimmy Robert, curated by If I Can't Dance I Don't want To Be Part Of Your Revolution and coordinated by Tanja Baudoin. The project seeks to explore how 'theatre' can be understood from the position of artistic practice, to experiment with how such a set of interpretations might be of use within it. The project considers, occupies and enacts aspects of theatre and its operations – to consider the positions from which we speak, how we act, and what, through different frames, speaking and action might be. The trip to Senegal begins with a working period at the Ecole des Sables, a dance company and school for African dance, located in the coastal village of Toubab Dialaw. Here the students will work on developing a model of 'theatre' as the group has come to understand it through their work together and develop a series of 'performances' through which this model might be demonstrated.


3. Re-reading Public Images

will conduct its research in Dakar with the aim to investigate images that relate to the notion of publicness. The participants will question images that appear in the urban context and "re-read" them regarding their role in public life, politics and common identities.They will collaborate in this project with students from the Collège Universitaire d'Architecture in Dakar; Sélom Lawson, Yann Bousquet, Gisele Faye, Fatima Diadhiou, Fabrice Dosseh & Abdoulaye Kamara. To gain a deeper understanding of the city, architect Jean Charles Tall and artist Viye Diba will lead the group on city walks to read Dakar from their specific points of view.

More pictures & contact details Pape Thiam, our wonderful English speaking ' guide transporteur'.

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