2012 PUBLISHING CLASS: Launch of edition 2012

tag: Arnhem

Metal, but at the same time... it's a crystal / Vanja Smiljanic (DAI) & Niko Milhaljevic (WT)

It was big enough to get me completely inside / Rosie Heinrich (DAI) & Hans Gremmen

Ever Tell Twice / Rui Vilela (DAI) & Bosco Hernández (WT)

TURN! / Anna Hoetjes (DAI) & Christof Nüssli (WT)

Fugue in D (Liberated Silence) / Ingeborg Entrop (DAI) & Niko Mihaljević (WT)

from behind the eyelids / Toeh Meisami (DAI) & Yin Yin Wong (WT)

To the North, South, East and West, nothing. The curtain falls. End of Act One. / Lara Morais (DAI) & Erica Preli (WT)

What happens behind the wall, stays behind the wall / Magdalena Mellin (DAI) & Rutger de Vries (WT)

Most Of The Time Not At All Always / Marija Sujica (DAI) & Mathew Whittington (WT)

Livret de service / Eric Philippoz (DAI) & Bosco Hernández (WT)

if i stop talking we are gone / Ane Østrem (DAI) & Valentijn Goethals (WT)

P / Sander Uitdehaag (DAI) & Ilke Gers (WT)

Blue linoleum / Witta Tjan (DAI) & Ilke Gers (WT)

These publications are the outcome of the ongoing collaboration between students at the Dutch Art Institute and students at the Werkplaats Typografie, both master programmes of ArtEZ in Arnhem. They were developed in the framework of the Publishing Class, a two-year educational trajectory curated by Casco in Utrecht which delves into the act of publishing as a critical art practice, both as a way to make things public – forming publicness – and as a form of dissemination beyond time and space constraints.

In 2011, DAI has taken a new path by commissioning Casco to develop a two-year trajectory regarding publishing in art practice, Publishing Class, curated by Binna Choi, Director of Casco, and coordinated by Yolande van der Heide, Publishing Coordinator of Casco. The first year of the course was facilitated by monthly guests and explored diverse aspects of publishing and its social and political urgency whilst exercising them through a collective monthly artistic journal Spencer's Island, made by the students themselves and coordinated by Chris Lee. For its second year, the 'class' operated in three editorial cooperatives and each under the guidance of artists Mattin, Falke Pisano and Wendelien van Oldenborgh respectively. The students also teamed up with the Werkplaats Typografie students to develop an 'art and design' relationship beyond the established manner and reflect on publishing as a versatile medium.