Think sartorial, think sexy, think money-making, think access, think down-with-Fort-Europe, think show up and show off, think YES.


~ DAI FRIENDS & ALUMNI ASSOCIATION will host a night of sharing and showcasing artistic practices. A gathering about community, resistance, and revolutionary friendships. Together we will revel, snack, listen, sip, sing and shimmy our way through the night; 


~ This hybrid performance night / screening event / bar night and dance party aims to create connections between contributors, neighbours, students, friends and alumni, from the Dutch Art Institute and beyond. Importantly, it also raises money for the

DAI Friends & Alumni Grant,

an alumni-run grant that will be awarded to non-EU student(s) experiencing financial distress in their final year of study at the DAI. All money raised goes towards the grant.

~ Artists participating: Derek MF di Fabio, Helena Roig, Angelica Falkeling and Fifi Paris, Izaro Ieregi, Vanja Smiljanić, Valentina Vella, Shana de Villiers, Lucas Lugarinho, Mara Ittel, Cannach MacBride, Maoyi, CRA % Miiel, Clara Saito + Fitgirl and snailaway

~ NOTE: the organisers of the event stand in solidarity with Palestine. The event will continue and will not diminish our political stance. Fundraising to alleviate all contexts of structural oppression and disadvantage must continue, regardless how abstracted or non-urgent they seem today ~ 

Saturday, 28 October 2023, from 19:30 until late.

Paviljoen aan het Water

Brielselaan 157



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