We are over the moon to see three of our brilliant alums among the four recently selected participants in the second cycle of Open Rehearsal: Miyoung Chang (DAI, 2022) and Dakota Guo (DAI, 2022) as duo, Clara Saito (DAI, 2019), next to Benjamin Francis. Open Rehearsal is a new initiative of If I Can’t Dance to support the development of performance practices across the diverse communities of artists based in Amsterdam and the Netherlands, aiming to create much-needed space for intimate dialogue on ideas- and works-in-process.

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The programme welcomes artists from various practices such as, and not limited to, architecture, dance, music, theatre, and visual arts. The participants were selected by curator Mini Maxwell and the If I Can’t Dance artistic team.

Taking the familiar form of the open rehearsal as a starting point, Open Rehearsal unfolds across online and on-site spaces, offering the participants opportunities for feedback from audiences, community peers and specialized practitioners. From May you are invited to follow the projects-in-development in our ificantdance.studio, and in late June the Open Rehearsal presentation will take place in a venue to be announced in Amsterdam.

More details will follow soon; for now, we leave you with short introductions to the programme’s three artists and their projects.

Open Rehearsal is supported by an innovation grant of the AFK (Amsterdam Fund for the Arts).

Clara Saito             Miyoung Chang                 Dakota Guo

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