2020-2022 Lissy Willberg ~ Keywords: freaks forever, psy-fi, tangible theories, erth, sensual knowledge, rhythmical patterns, lounge lizzard, uncountable encounters, sonority, spatial commentaries, forever-in-process

Lissy Willberg explores spatial and group dynamics through installations and performances based on participatory proposals. After graduating from the Academy of Visual Arts Leipzig (DE), post-graduate studies followed at the Dutch Art Institute (NL). By means of a guiding practice *LW navigates through performative situations that make theoretical and scientific knowledge production tangible. The space, the objects, the performers as well as the visitors are part of a multilayered assemblage. Sculptures and digital sounds create a research environment for all attendees to encounter each other within. These site-specific constellations blur the boundaries between being, performing and participating.

*LW works (artistic) research-based, using various media. Previous projects explored the relationship between the inside and outside, the individual in relation to the group, the performers in relation to the audience. Currently, a new research cycle deals with interspecies relatedness and diffracting perspectives on land and landscape. 

In 2020, Willberg received a scholarship from the International Summer Academy of Fine Arts (AT) and has been funded by a grant from the German Academic Scholarship Foundation 2017–2022. *LW’s projects have been supported by numerous project grants throughout the years. In 2021 *LW was nominated for the Ars Viva Prize and started a teaching position at the Academy of Visual Arts Leipzig. Since then, Lissy Willberg accompanies the Performative Arts class of Prof. Isabel Lewis. 



Follow Lissy's Life after DAI: www.lissywillberg.info