Learning from Hong Kong ~ Tools for Action (Bambi van Balen (DAI, 2022)) and Floor van Leeuwen are thrilled to invite Hong Kong digital rights activist Glacier Kwong for a workshop on digital self-defense. Wednesday 17.11.2021 | 19:00 - 22:00 in Rotterdam.

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In three hours, Glacier Kwong will share basic tactics for digital self-defense and will offer a context for their urgency and need, whether you have something to hide, or not. As a part of this sharing, Glacier will guide us through examples of technology that has been used during the Hong Kong activist movement that were useful in organising as a ´leaderless movement.´

The event is part of the workshop Choreography of assembly: how to organise, that aims to explore swarming as choreographic strategies and to examine the potentiality of (de)centralised collective actions. Glacier Kwong and Tools for Action and Floor van Leeuwen know each other from the documentary "The Future of Protest", in which their work on protests was featured. https://www.vpro.nl/programmas/tegenlicht/kijk/afleveringen/2020-2021/de-toekomst-van-protest.html

The workshop is supported by Productiehuis Theater Rotterdam and Tools for Action Foundation.

Please register at info@toolsforaction.net


Glacier Kwong is a digital rights activist born and raised in Hong Kong. She is previously the founder and spokesperson for the group Keyboard Frontline, a group dedicated to digital rights issues. She is now pursuing her Ph.D. in Law at the University of Hamburg. Her research focuses on data protection, surveillance in Hong Kong and China. She has been a political activist in Hong Kong since 2012 and has written extensively on political and digital rights issues in Hong Kong. She is a regular contributor and columnist to Apple Daily in Hong Kong and Welt am Sonntag in Germany.

Floor van Leeuwen is a mimographer and co-founder of the physical theater collective Schwalbe (2008-2020). Their work is characterized by a research in collective movement. Their style is minimalistic and energetic; a seemingly simple act can find a poetic depth in the duration and interaction between individuals. Since the Covid-19 pandemic they is collaborating with visual artist Artúr van Balen of Tools for Action, social designer Roberto Perèz Gayo, dancer and choreographer Simomo Bouj and many more on Ræv Rehearsal. With Bluetooth speakers and a techno beat, they move through the city like a radiating dancing swarm. 

Bambi van Balen | Tools for Action is a visual artist and activist with a focus on spatial and performative interventions in public space. Since 2010 he has been making inflatable sculptures for use in interventions and political mobilisations around the world and founded the artist group and platform Tools for Action. Tools for Action ́s practice oscillates between performance and protest and is rooted in skill-share workshops, choreographic trainings and action research, bringing together people with inflatable sculptures to form barricades, dancing swarms and temporary assemblies. 

Location: Mathenesserdijk 271 C, 3026 GA R'dam