DAI-bulletin 2002-2003 number three March 2003

Dear participants, visiting artists, members of staff and friends,

In 2003 DAI takes off 'on a slow boat to China'. For more information please consult DAI Foreign Affairs on this website. This is the third issue of the monthly DAI-bulletin, informing you about our program, about important dates and events.
Please, PRINT THIS TEXT and keep it with you as an extension to your diary. Meanwhile participants are strongly advised to not give up keeping a keen eye on the billboard in the canteen. Alterations in the program will be posted there as they used to be before.


From 11.00 AM till 19.00 PM
Larissa Zvezdochetova ( make appointments with her by e-mailing GS ).
Jos Kruit, Debra Solomon and Rik Fernhout will drop in at random or on request.
No confirmation till now as far as other regular teachers are concerned.
Guestteacher today is Tiong Ang.
Please inform yourself about him first and then apply for an appointment by e-mailing GS.
So read and watch this:
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There is an interesting book about him available for consultation at Hilly's office.

10.00 AM Lecture by Tiong Ang about his relation to China in work & life.
12.00 till 14.00 Medical happening (for more info about the innoculations contact Hilly Podde)
14.30 Introductory meeting with Rik Fernhout about the in's and out's of the DAI-NAI- project.
17.30 A very very Chinese DAI-dinner-party in the DAI-canteen for all.
19.30 In the coming weeks Cinema- DAI (in the canteen) will depict Chinese history of the 20th century with the help of China's ultimate storyteller Zhang Yimou and other directors.
Tonight: Raise the red lantern(1991)
Striking look at the life of a young concubine in 1920s China, as university -educated girl is sent to feudal nobleman's palatial home to become his newest wife.
Starring: the wonderfull actress Gong Li

10.00 AM Cinema- DAI
From Mao to Mozart - Isaac Stern in China (198I)
A brilliant documentary about the soul of art, education and humanity .
11.30 AM Lecture by Xia Xin, former student at NAI in Nanjing,former student of DAI in Enschede, currently studying film-and televisionsciences at the University of Amsterdam .
Her lecture will be divided in two parts. She will give a personal account of her experiences with two very different art- educational systems; the Chinese and the European.
After a short break Xia Xin who was born and raised in Nanjing herself will inform us about the history and character of the city that we will get to know so well in May.
14.00 PM Lecture on video-art in China by Sameer Farooq.
Sameer Farooq is Canadian, studied antropology and worked for one year at the Canadian embassy in Beijing. Currently studying graphic design at the Rietveld Academie in Amsterdam. Drawing on his experiences in Beijing as a documentary maker and researcher, the definition of video art will be discussed within the Chinese contexts as well as a larger discussion of fascinating and not so fascinating contemporary projects presently taking place in China.

Workshop 3-D-max by Martin Sollman at DAI with 6 participants.

'DAI goes public'
Presentation meant for undergraduate- Artezstudents with an interest in a future postgraduate study 'Art in Public Space' and for DAI-participants ( mandatory from 13.15 PM onward).
(For more info on ‘DAI goes public’ please consult ‘Dai starts new training’ on this website.)
TAKE NOTICE: if you want to be present in the morning as well ( including lunch) you have to inform Hilly Podde as soon as possible .
11 .00 AM Meeting in the DAI- canteen
11.15 DAI's co-ordinator will sketch a portrait of DAI .
11.45 Four DAI-students report about the realization of their project Patient in Kunsthuis Syb in Beetsterzwaag,Friesland.
12.15 Short lecture by John Heymans (philosopher, writer, counsellor at DAI )
Probably about Walter Sabine, physicist who was the first to make an issue of the phenomenon of Sound in Space. About John Cage's silence and other interesting examples of contemporary composers dealing with ' space' and spatial concepts.
12.45 A simple lunch.
13.15 Short explanation of the Presikhaaf project in Arnhem in wich DAI is going to participate on a weekly base from September 2003 onward.
13.45 Lecture by artist Hans van Houwelingen about his work and on his ideas about autonomy in relation to projects he did in the Public Domain .
(conditional - in case of a cancellation the name of the substitute speaker will be announced timely)
15.30 Drinks and leisurely exchange of opinions

Studiovisits by Emo Verkerk (please apply for appointments by e-mailing GS)
Studiovisits by Rik Fernhout,Debra Solomon,Jos Kruit at random or by request.

Studiovisits same here as yesterday.
20.00 PM
DAI-lecture at Villa de Bank in Enschede.
TAKE NOTICE: this lecture is supplementary to the excursion on Friday 21.
Both are absolutely MANDATORY to all DAI-participants.
" Shooting Images, Throwing Shadows
The contemporary artist Fiona Tan often uses old footage of ethnographic nature for her films and videos. By using this footage she raises issues like migrancy, virtual migrancy, and the relationship between image and cultural identity. By means of a close-reading of her video Facing Forward I
will argue that she problematizes the fixity of cultural identity by suggesting that "identity" is constituted by images. She visually argues that images are not built of reality, but that we build our own reality with images. This conception of the image has its consequences for migrantidentity. Migrant identity, seen as an imagined, identificatory relation to an originating place, the so-called homeland, is then, radically framed by the historical and contemporary dimensions of the place where the imagining act of imagining homeland identity takes place. By a reading of her video-installation San Sebastian, I will argue that Tan's preference for
ethnographic topics is far from arbitrary. The visualization of the other in traditional anthropology is ultimately emblematic for a more general,objectivist conception of vision and the image."
Ernst van Alphen is professor in Literary Theory at the University of Leiden. Besides several books about modern literature and theory he published about the visual arts: Francis Bacon and the Loss of Self (1993), Caught by History: Holocaust Effects in Contemporary Art, Literature , and Theory(1997), Armando: Shaping Memory (2001) and Visual Thinking: the Contribution of Images to Contemporary Thought (ter perse).

7.45 AM Gathering in front of the Randstad building, busstation Enschede.
8.00 AM Departure by bus from Enschede to the Depontstichting in Tilburg where we will visit FIONA TAN'S first important solo-presentation in a Dutch Museum.
On our way back we will also visit the extensively applauded , brilliantly rebuild van Abbemuseum in Eindhoven.
7.00 PM Back in Enschede
DAI-participants have to pay their own entrancetickets so it is wise to bring your Museumjaarkaart!

Start of the workshop by curator Jellichje Reijnders.
To orientate herself she will use these two days to visit the participants in their studios.
The participants are:
1.Shih-Ying Lin
2.Sujeewa Kumari
3.Dilys Leong
4.Ana Fernandez
5.David di Saro
6. Ron Pront
7. Rongman Hong
8. Mallah el Mustafa
They will all receive an announcement about her schedule per e-mail.

Questions ? Remarks ?
Please , feel free to mail me !

So long,

Gabriëlle Schleijpen