CJC Working Group

What ‘practical’ measures will artists and art institutions take to care for our planetary commons with the power of imagination? In response to this question, The Climate Justice Code (CJC) was conceived and drafted for the second Assembly for commoning art institutions hosted by Casco Art Institute in Utrecht, Netherlands (October 2019) where it was collectively edited over the course of two days by 100+ participants.

Out of this event the CJC working group emerged, a volunteer-based group of artists, activists and facilitators. The trans-Oceanic but northern European–based group has continued to develop the code. Working from a non-hierarchical and a volunteer basis, they hold bi-monthly online meetings with rotating facilitators. Between the fortnightly meetings, clusters of working groups assemble to tackle elements of the code such as: editing, accessibility, finance, reparations and workshops. The working groups report back their progress in general meetings. Operating like a living culture – the code grows and adapts in response to the specific contexts and conditions it develops within. Individuals and organizations who take it on nourish the code in return, ensuring that it may be used, informed and propagated in a pluralistic way.