We are pleased to announce that the solo-exhibition Le Visible et l'Invisible, with new work by DAI's advisor to international students, the artist Margret Wibmer, curated by Sofie Crabbé will open on the 2nd of August at Bradwolff Projects. An artist publication, which apart from a wealth of visuals contains a poem by Marianna Maruyama (DAI, 2014) will be launched on the 23th of August.

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The central work of this exhibition will be Margret's latest video Relay (2018-2020) and the eponymous artists' publication, an investigation into possibilities of re-activating a performance through digital media and print. The exhibition also features photographic works and new sculptures. Margret will be happy to tell you more about Relay and other works in the show, either in person or during a walk through the exhibit via Zoom or Skype.

More information about the launch of the artist publication, the special limited edition in a hand made box and how to order it, will soon be available.

Opening:                                               2  August 2020 / 15:00 - 18:00 hours
Duration:                                               2 - 23 August 2020

Launch publication:                                23 August 2020 / 15:00 hours
                                                            Margret Wibmer in conversation with Sofie Crabbé
Location:                                               Bradwolff Projects
                                                            Oetewalerstraat 73 | 1093 MD | Amsterdam
Opening hours:                                      Thu - Sat 13.00 - 17.00 hours and by appointment

My special thanks goes to the performers, video producer Florian Krepcik, composer Robert Poss and book designer Isabelle Vigier. The artists' publication which will be published by VfmK Verlag für moderne Kunst, includes 64 image pages, a poem by artist Marianna Maruyama and an interview conducted by writer Magdalena Kröner.

Video and publication have been made possible with the generous support of Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds/Tijl Fonds, Fonds Kwadraat, Jaap Harten Fonds, Land Tirol, Bundesministerium für
Kunst, Kultur, öffentlichen Dienst und Sport. The realization of the exhibition is supported by
Mondriaan Fonds, Gemeente Amsterdam Oost and the Austrian Embassy The Hague.