DAI-bulletin 2008-2009 number two October 2008

This is the second issue of the monthly DAI-bulletin in the academic year 2008-2009, informing you about our program, about important dates and events. Eventual alterations can be found on our website under DAI-bulletins.

OUTSIDE the DAI-week curriculum the DAI is currently engaged in two ongoing projects:

- TOWARDS A DEEPER UNDERSTANDING OF RURAL EUROPE offers a wonderful opportunity for two DAI-students to engage in a multi-disciplinary project with a focus on anthropological and audiovisual research. They will be mentored by Alite Thijsen. Metje Postma (Leiden University) is the coordinator for the Netherlands in this transnational enterprise.
“TOWARDS A DEEPER UNDERSTANDING OF RURAL EUROPE” is supported by the European Union within the framework of the “Promotion of the Civil Society Dialogue between the EU and Turkey” Program. It will be carried out in collaboration with the main partnership of Bilkent University in Turkey, Department of Communication and Design and Department of History; Leiden University in the Netherlands, Department of Cultural Anthropology and Development Sociology, Section Visual Ethnography; Marc Bloch University, Strasbourg II, UFR of Arts in France. Associates of the project are Hacettepe University Department of Anthropology; ArtEZ Institute of the Arts, DAI in Enschede; NIHA Netherlands Institute for Higher Education in Ankara and KozaVisual, an audiovisual initiative.

- With the production of a book publication with contributions bytheorists and artists from all over the world HERE AS THE CENTRE OF THE WORLD(a transnational DAI-project that brought together artists from Diyarbakir, Enschede, Khartoum, Taipei, Beirut and Damascus) is heading for its final stage. From October 9 till 19 Alite Thijsen, Emily Williams, Rana Hamadeh and Meiyu Tao are in Damascus, to work on the input in the book from participants in the HatCotW workshop that took place in Damascus in 2006.

DAI-week October 13 till October 17

Lunch will be served daily from 13:00-14:00
Dinner Monday-Thursday from 18:30-19:30

This week’s DAI guest cook is artist/curator Adi Hollander from PSWAR in Amsterdam. PSWAR was initiated as a research project-space with the aim to enable the artists to develop and present their ideas, realize collaborative projects and engage in critical discourse. From 2006, PSWAR are Tamuna Chabashvili, Adi Hollander and Vesna Madzoski.
Check their website: www.pswar.org.

- In this schedule we will only publish biographical notes on guests that are NEW to our programme. Information about the other guest lecturers is to be found on our website under ‘mentors and guest tutors’.
- All parts of the curriculum are expected to be attended by all students unless it is mentioned otherwise.

Monday October 13

11:30-13:00 Project room
Meeting between first year students and course director Gabrielle Schleijpen.

14:00-21:30 Project room
Web Wayfinding, Web Wayshowing, Web Waysharing
A Workshop for all students supervised by Ronald van Tienhoven and Ricardo Liong-A-Kong.

During three one day-long sessions until the end of 2008, a small group of artists, (web) designers and digerati will elucidate both opportunities and bottlenecks of Web Design and the development of a digital portfolio.
Web Design isn't only about placing a CV and an overview of one's work on the Web. A fundamental question is to what extend the Website's architecture reflects the space in your head. It might sound corny by now (after all, we're living in 2008), but Web design isn't an evolved variety of analog (printed) design in Cyberspace. Web design requires specific skills to be grasped, implemented, and understood. Therefore DAI presents a series of lectures, presentations, and workshops that aim to widen your knowledge, and provide you with the necessary tools to develop a Website, your Website, your elegant, obstinate, informative, intuitive, high-brow or low-key chunk of Cyberspace. By the end of this academic year your Website should be online, hopefully triggered off by the insights the WWW team will have shared with you.

Today’s special guest: Niels Schrader

Niels Schrader is an Amsterdam-based graphic designer, born in 1977 in Caracas, Venezuela. His design concept is based on a ‘dialogue principle’, which translates digital information into physical media and vice versa. He graduated in communication design at the University of Applied Sciences in Düsseldorf in 2003 and further completed his academic studies in the master programme Design at the Sandberg Institute Amsterdam. Before setting up his own studio in Amsterdam in 2005, Schrader had worked as a freelance designer for Uwe Loesch and Irma Boom. His portfolio of clients includes the DasArts Foundation, the Amsterdam School of the Arts, the Berlage Institute, the Delft University of Technology, Museum De Paviljoens, Slewe Gallery and KCAP Architects&Planners. He currently teaches at the Willem de Kooning Academy in Rotterdam.

For more information, please check

Tuesday October 14

9:30-10:30 Project room
Meeting between second year students and course director Gabrielle Schleijpen.

10:30–21:30 Project room
Today the three main 2008-2009 DAI Rucksack-projects will be presented and introduced to the students who will have to commit themselves to one of them afterwards. Students are invited to write a letter of intent explaining why they prefer to participate in a specific project.

Partizan Publik
A curatorial project, which re-values the city of Detroit and the practices it’s made up by.

Attitudes on cities, as Detroit, affected by deindustrialization, suburbanization, outsourcing or other effects of contemporary urban processes, which are generally understood as un-sustainable, often oscillate around one of two poles: either the city is pathologized as a “problem” that needs to be solved or it is normalized as an “example” of some sort of typical urban condition. Indeed, Detroit is often considered to be the shrinking city.

Moreover, within developmental discourse namely the urban condition referred to above is articulated in terms of lack of. And yet new types of urban practices (architectural, artistically, institutional, everyday life, etc) come into existence, creating a new local ‘normality’ and a new value system, namely, that of the post-capitalist city.

Indeed, the premise of the Unreal Estate project is that each of these perspectives simplifies the rich complexities of Detroit and limits imagination of future scenarios for the city. In this project, we will solicit narratives, images, projects and propositions from engaged artists, architects, writers, social workers, community activists that bear on the experience and imagination of Detroit.

This material will form the basis for an Unreal Estate Guide to Detroit: a subjective and collective atlas of actual and possible urban conditions and, as such, a reference manual for understanding, engaging with and imagining the city.
More information soon to be found under
DAI Projects

If I Can’t Dance, I Don't Want To Be Part Of Your Revolution
As a rolling curatorial platform IICD generates a web of relationships between the viewer and the artwork. With Edition III, IICD will be focusing on the notion of the 'masquerade'.
The aim of If I Can’t Dance to explore an alternative conceptual framework of the 'masquerade' can be read in the light of its continuing exploration, since its inception in 2005, of paradigms such as 'theatricality' and 'feminism(s)'. Edition III - Masquerade will touch on aspects such as rituals, gestures, normalized as opposed to transgressive behaviour, covert as well as manifest action and differing approaches to role playing, power positions and appearances. The artists Keren Cytter, Jon Mikel Euba, Olivier Foulon, Suchan Kinoshita, Joachim Koester and Sarah Pierce are invited to produce new projects: to be developed within a two-year time frame; to be presented at the subsequent moments when If I Can’t Dance… visits international partner institutions. Apart from attending IICD’s activities and participating in IICD’s reading group a selected group of DAI students will meet and work with artists, theorists and curators involved in ICCD at the DAI, and develop a side-project that will culminate in a workshop taking place in Dublin when IICD presents episode 3 in Project Arts Centre (Dublin) in the spring of 2009.

More information to be found under
DAI Projects,

Mark Kremer and John Heymans
The artwork as and in relation to the trip: that is the subject under scrutiny in a workshop for DAI-students supervised by curator Mark Kremer and philosopher John Heymans.
GoodTripBadTrip reflects on one of the spearheads of the curriculum of the Dutch Art Institute: the many travels or trips to socially or culturally interesting cities or regions - often on the periphery of Europe.

One of the goals of this project is to relate and connect the idea of the trip in a direct way to the essence/significance of art. An example role in this context is played by so-called abstract art that induces sensorial effects by optical means (colour, patterns, rhythm). Think of Op Art and psychedelic projections (slides of light and liquids, films) at the music concerts of for instance The Soft Machine. Confronted with this art, the spectator makes an inner trip. The physical movement of the artworks is extended to the realm of the psyche so that a person experiences a psychological journey. GoodTripBadTrip will take place in two stages, in the academic years 2008-09 & 2009-10. Its final result will be an exhibition.
The first part of the workshop 2008-09 takes form as a monthly series of lectures and presentations by guest speakers, artists and theoreticians. The second part of the workshop is a journey to a forsaken island near Greece, planned for April or May 2009. There the students will realize a series of “exhibitions of one day”. The events are dedicated to the idea of the trip.
More information >

Wednesday October 15
9:00-10:30 Project room
Toolkit: The Art of Writing a Thesis
John Heymans.
Exclusively for second year students

Face to Face meetings between individual DAI-students and individual guest advisors: Mark Kremer, Sands Murray-Wassink, Rebecca Sakoun, Tomo Savic-Gecan, Martine Neddam and DAI theory mentor John Heymans.

Martine Neddam is an artist who uses language as raw material. Since she began as an artist her favourite subjects always were 'speech acts', modes of address, words in the public space. Since 1988 she exposed text objects (banners, plaques, shadows on the wall) in museums and galleries. She also realized many large-scale public commissions in several European countries: Netherlands, France, and Great Britain.
Since 1996 she created on Internet virtual characters that lead an autonomous artistic existence in which the real author is never disclosed.
- Mouchette, created in 1996 whose website is still active to this day is a 13 year old girl who exposes online the fantasies born from her dark imagination, constantly triggers for user's participation and response from her web audience. She has become such a cult figure that she decided to share her identity with her online friends in Mouchette's Network.
- David Still who was created in 2001 offers his identity and the use of his email account to all the passing web surfers.
- XiaoQian, created in 2006 is a Chinese artist who creates virtual persons.
There, in May and June 2008 she is giving a special course in the Masters Program about virtual characters.

About public commissions http://neddam.info
Mouchette: http://mouchette.org
Mouchette's CV: http://mouchette.org/cv
David Still: http://davidstill.org
David Still's CV: http://davidstill.org/cv
XiaoQian: http://turbulence.org/Works/XiaoQian/
Virtual Person: http://www.virtualperson.net

19:30-21:00 Project room
The Half Way Lecture
On Vision and Visuality - John Heymans
This lecture will focus on the impossibility of unprejudiced perception. Recommended literature: Martin Jay’s influential essay: ‘Scopic regimes of Modernity’. This lecture is also an introduction to The Shakespeare Experience, a workshop for the first year’s DAI-students scheduled for Thu 16.

Thursday October 16
9:30-10:30 Project room
Meeting with course manager Rik Fernhout
Exclusively for first year students

10:30-17:00 (rooms to be announced)
The Shakespeare experience - John Heymans
Exclusively for first year students

In this workshop the assumptions presented in the Half Week Lecture among other things will be investigated on the basis of historical film adaptations of Shakespeare.

10:30-17:00 Project Room
Publications Project - Delphine Bedel
Exclusively for first year students

Instead of the brief exposure of a one week graduation show the DAI, master programme in Fine Arts offers its graduating students to produce a small individual publication in an edition of 250 copies. In the course of the Publications Project every artist will team up with a graphic designer (students from the Werkplaats Typografie in Arnhem). Apart from visuals and personal texts each booklet can also contain a text by a guest writer chosen by the artist. The process from concept to design will be guided by artist/curator Delphine Bedel.

19:30-21:00 Project room
An artist presentation by Jeremiah Day

Jeremiah Day, a regular guestlecturer at the DAI, is one of the artists on show in Heartland at the Van Abbemuseum in Eindhoven. Heartland is an interdisciplinary project which reflects on the visual culture, art and music of the heart of the United States. The Heartland project consists of a group exhibition in the Van Abbemuseum together with a musical programme in the Muziekcentrum. It will also include ancillary events, such as debates, lectures, a photo exhibition, publications, and an artists in residence programme. Heartland will take place in Eindhoven from 3 October, 2008 until 25 January, 2009.

Friday October 17
10:00-17:30 Project room
Artist presentations by DAI-students Kevin Drager, Hidenori Mitsue, Jimini Hignett, Buba Cvoric, Taf Hassam, Lado Darakhvelidze and Teresa Diaz.

Their 20 - minute presentations will be reviewed and discussed AS PRESENTATIONS by guest advisors Hans van Houwelingen and Jeremiah Day and the students. The discussion will be moderated by Gabrielle Schleijpen.

We will conclude this DAI-week with a drink for all in the Cantina.

///////// THIS TIME IT IS PRIVATE /////////

News on alumni and/or current students and/or lecturers (You are all most welcome to send in your announcements).


Kunst-in-Huis route
November 1, 2 2008

Among other artists current DAI student Carlijn Mens is participating in Kunst-in-Huis route in Alkmaar.
Her work is shown in the Lutherse schuilkerk.
More info:


Onze buurt als woonkamer
October 18, 19 2008

In October 2008 nine artists will make nine artworks in public space together with occupants of the district Schuilenburg in Amersfoort. Among these artists are DAI alumni Teresa Borasino and Ruth Linnemann.
Opening: October 18, 19 2008


Werkplaats Thorbecke
October 19 - November 16 2008

Presentation of four concepts for a statue of the 19th century Dutch statesman in The Hague by DAI project leader Florian Göttke, DAI advisor to the students Hans van Houwelingen, André Kruyssen and Gerlinde Schuller.
Opening: saturday October 18, 16:00
Stroom, Hogewal 1-9, 2514 HA Den Haag


Fighting of the Spirits
October 18 2008

At the occasion of the opening on October 18 of the brand new arts centre AkkuH in Hengelo DAI-alumnus Iris Tenkink’s latest production, the video work Fighting of the Spirits will be premiered.
AkkuH, F. Hazemeijerstraat 800, 7555 RJ Hengelo
(074) 291 02 32


Ruben van Klaveren
October 11 - November 9 2008

Current DAI student Ruben van Klaveren is showing recent video works in Corrosia!
Opening: October 11, 15.00 by Macha Roesink
Corrosia!, Centrum Beeldende Kunst Flevoland, Markt 5, 1354 AP Almere Haven


The Experience of Atopia
September 26 - October 26

A show by Kamal Ajafari, Delphine Bedel, Renata Poljak, Ilya Rabinovich, Rossella Biscotti, curated by Delphine Bedel, projectleader of the DAI Publications Project 2009.
Lokaal 01_Breda, Kloosterlaan 138, 4811 EE Breda


Hoekige vormen
September 15 - October 30 2008

Hoekige vormen is an installation by DAI staff member Ricardo Liong-A-Kong in Perron 1, Delden.
Finissage: October 30, 19:30
Perron 1, Stationsweg 5, Delden