DAI-bulletin 2008-2009 number one September 2008

This is the first issue of the monthly DAI-bulletin in the academic year 2008-2009, informing you about our program, important dates and events.
Please scroll to THIS TIME IT IS PRIVATE for information on current presentations and exhibitions by alumni, students and faculty.

///////// DAI Week September 2009 /////////
Instead of asking its master students to come to 'school' on a weekly base the DAI offers an alternative educational environment: during one week a month (so 11 times per year), everyone who is involved in DAI stays in Enschede day and night and takes part in a rich programme consisting of lectures, seminars, projects, excursions, workshops, and evaluations of his or her own work, which lasts from early morning until late at night. During the DAI week, cooks prepare the afternoon and evening meals that staff, students and guest lecturers from all over the world take in the cosy canteen. During the week participants in the programme spend the night at one of the two DAI houses in the centre of Enschede.

Monday September 15 - friday 19
On Monday September 15nd at 11 hours the year at the DAI will start with the workshop ‘No stress, and perhaps nothing serious’ by artists Sanne van Rijn and James Beckett.
During the introduction week we will also give you a more extended introduction to the institute and staff as well as more information about relevant practicalities regarding studying and staying at the DAI.
Please be prepared for a stress-free week (it is a rare occasion for me to write this), for group lunches, group dinners, sleeping at the DAI-houses, for the chance to get to know each other and for all other things this week will bring…

Sanne and James will personally give you further information about the workshop on Monday, but in the meantime please make sure that you are at the DAI in time and do not forget your ‘shoebox with objects, clippings from under your bed and an inspiring video or sound’!!!!

///////// THIS TIME IT IS PRIVATE /////////

News on alumni and/or current students and/or lecturers (You are all most welcome to send in your announcements).


Group Exhibition / Expositie 9 - Season Starters
August 29 - Oct 14 2008
Amongst others current DAI student Hidenori Mitsue is in the group exhibition Expositie 9.
Galerie 10, Schoutenstraat 10, 3512 GB Utrecht, 030 2231118


Real Presence
September 12 2008

Current DAI students Marina Tomic and Buba Cvoric will have a performance in Castello di Rivoli Museum of contemporary art in Rivoli-Torino.

Hidenori Mitsue solo exhibition
September 5 - October 18 2008

Galerie new Untitled, Bolwaterstraat 30, 5911 GC Venlo, 06 43 59 94 07


September 20th, 2008 at 5 pm.

“Swing” will be on display until 26th of September on the corner of Wybrzeże Szczecińskie and Okrzei Street, Warsaw, Poland. Installation is a part of DAI alumnus Kamila Szejnoch’s public space project “Carousel Slide Swing”.
The project Carousel Slide Swing aims to pursue a dialog with memorials that served as communist propaganda. Although such memorials have been consigned to the historical scrap heap, we can still meet them in the streets and parks. To suggest a change in the function of the monuments is an attempt to build a bridge between the present and the past, to add a contemporary layer distinct from their original style and function. For example the idea of Swing is based on a contrast between the monumental bronze Berling Army Soldier and a tiny individual swung by a big hand of history. It is a monument from a former era, but at the same time - from the Berling Army soldier’s point of view - it is a well-deserved tribute paid to his sacrifice. This is an example of how much history can differ from the perspectives of individual and collective memory. My aim is to make this complexity and ambiguity more conspicuous, to show the relation between an individual versus the historical machine. [K.S.]


LommeFilm 08
September 5, 6 2008

The studios of Filmby Aarhus are usually the domain of largescaled international film productions. This weekend however small films are spotlighted. 5 - 6 September the first edition of the Danish Mobile Film Festival, organised by Lommefilm and Aarhus Public Libraries, will take place at the premises.
MobileVideoNet (initiated by DAI alumnus Gerco Lindeboom)is invited to give a presentation about its activities on 3gp video production and Bluetooth distribution. Several videos of Gerco Lindeboom, and other participants of the project, will be shown. Naturally a selection of videos will also be offered to the present mobile phones.
LommeFilm 08, Aarhus Studios, Filmbyen 23, 8000 Arhus (DK)


Het Tijdelijk Verblijf
Friday, 29th August 2008, 1pm-9pm

Stichting id11 is proud to invite you to the exhibition Het Tijdelijk Verblijf by the following (guest) artists: Carine Weve (NL), Danielle Reid (AU), Eugenie Bakker (NL), DAI student Eva Schippers (NL), Inge Hoefnagel (NL), Inge Rosekrans (NL), Ingrid Meus (NL), DAI alumnus Jolanda Jansen (NL), Judith Haan (NL), Lenny Waasdorp (NL), Matthijs Jansen (NL), Noortje van Deursen (NL) and Viola Onderdelinden (NL).
exhibition open: friday august 29 1-9pm, saturday august 30, 1-9pm, sunday august 31, 1-6pm
locations: Bacinol, Wateringsevest 38, 2611 AW Delft
HET TIJDELIJK VERBLIJF, Troelstralaan 70, 72, 76 2624 EW Delft


August 29 - 31 2008

Presentation of Artists in Residence in der Schwarzenberg’schen Meierei in Schrattenberg / St. Lorenzen bei Scheifling (Austria) with: Tomer Aluf (IL), current DAI student Ljubica Cvoric (SRB), Werner Degreif (D), Seppo Gründler (A), Bertl Gstettner (A), Franz Hautzinger (A), Helge Hinteregger (A), Andrea Kessler (A), Josef Klammer (A), Lukas Kranzelbinder (A), LOW FREQUENCY ORCHESTRA (A), Christian Minkowitsch (A), Christoph Raffetseder (A), Georg Vogel (A), Rebecca Watson Horn (USA), Byron Westbrook (USA), WHEN YUPPIES GO TO HELL (A)


LiteSide Festival
August 22 - 24 augustus 2008

On August 22, 23 and 24 LiteSide Festival will take place for the third time and now at the Westergasfabriek in Amsterdam. For three days you can experience a mix of innovative cross-overs of oriental and western forms of dance, music, performance, visual arts, literature, film and clubbing.Among the participating artists DAI alumni Bassam AlKhourie, Paula Bugni, Sarah Erzfinke, and DAI guest tutor Erkan Özgen.


Be(com)ing Dutch
May 24 – September 9 2008

Following her commitment in November an December 2007 to the Caucus in Eindhoven (participation was offered to a selected group of DAI students as part of the DAI’s curriculum), current DAI student Rana Hamadeh is now invited to partake in the exbibition Be(com)ing Dutch in Eindhoven’s Van Abbe Museum, that opened on May 24rd. Alite Thijsen, the co-ordinator of the transnational DAI project Here as the Centre of the World, will also show work in the exhibition. Other DAI-related participants are guesttutors Hans van Houwelingen, Libia Castro, Ólafur Ólafsson, Annette Krauss, Surasi Kusolwong and Lidwien van der Ven.
Curators: Charles Esche and Annie Fletcher
In 2006 the Mondriaan Foundation awarded its Development Prize for Cultural Diversity to the Van Abbemuseum for the Be(com)ing Dutch project. Within this project’s framework, the museum has organized a diversity of gatherings over the last two years resulting in The Be(com)ing Dutch exhibition.