Study delay and deferal in relation to tuition fees NON EU students in a nutshell

Study delay & re-enrolment

NON-EU students who add extra time to their studies keep paying the annual tuitionfees that they paid during their regular studies, but in their 3rdyear they will only have to pay for the actual period that they are enrolled in addition to their their first two years of study. The anounced raise of the tuitionfees for the 2020-2022 generation of students does not apply to them. Please note that in case you have been awarded the ArtEZ scholarship at the beginning of your studies, this will expire after the regular two years of study!

At this point the government is considering the option of some additional month of tuition-free enrolment after August 31stfor students in their final year, whose graduation is delayed by the crisis. The final outcome of the talks about this, and if non-EU students will also be eligible for this extension, is not yet known.


In case you think of deferring, the first step is to cancel your registration in Studielink. After that, Studielink will send you a link where you can enter your account number for a refund of the tuitionfees for the period that you are not enrolled. At the same time, ArtEZ will have to inform IND that you have stopped your studies. IND will then cancel your residency permit, which leaves you 28 days to leave the country.

PLEASE NOTE: First year students who cancel their enrollment before the end of the year should be aware that DAI projects all cover a full year: the ECTS credits will only be awarded upon completion of the projects at the end of the academic year. 

Also note that you cannot apply for a search year when you have not graduated, and that if you wish to return to the Netherlands to continue your studies, you will have to apply for a new residency permit and pay the financial guarantee again.  

Students who want to discontinue their studies are strongly advised to first to discuss this with the Study Trajectory coordinator of their course as well as the student counsellor for advice and support.

More information about registration and de-registration can be found in the ArtEZ student charter and it’s appendice: