2015-2017 Valentina Curandi

Valentina Curandi is a practitioner with an experimental approach to text-based research, performance and publishing. She develops performative work that focuses on the material-symbolic setup of the sexed and contracted willful subject, inquiring the socio- historic-economical conditions affecting the relationship of women to mortality. She studied Art Praxis at the Dutch Art Institute (2015-2017).

Valentina’s theoretical and artistic research on feminist political economy and contract theory inquires the normalizing effect of legal regulations and devices on the everyday management of her reproductive bonds and obligations.  The work Kate (2016 - ongoing) - a proposition of bequeathment of the body of her artistic work to the DAI- stretches the field of operation of the device of last will and testament’s legal language, extending it from the field of private transactions to the public-ness of a series of scripted performative acts.

Her practice also focuses on shared endeavors and forms of collaborations that are based on affinity and friendship. In 2018, she initiated the publishing effort of Spell Bound Pages with artists Leon Filter and Flora Woudstra. The project aims at rehabilitating the active verb of dying by publishing printed matter, which content challenges current and historically accumulated tropes around the definition of death in Western culture.

Valentina is part of the collaborative duo Curandi Katz (2009 -) with artist Nathaniel Katz. Their work explores the concepts of delegation and imposition that underlie practices of negotiation and collaboration. Previous projects entailed practices of imposed care (A.D.L. A Labor of Love, 2013) and donation (The Pacifist Library, 2012); activated processes of familiarization in conditions of cultural incommensurability (Panda Diplomacy, 2015); established personalizing correspondences (Mission Statement, 2012); enacted a series of methods of nonviolent action through the bodily disciplining of an interpreter digging into her formation in Laban movement research (Resist Everywhere Masako, 2015).

Since 2016, Valentina has been periodically taking part with sonic contributions to the project The Listening Group by artist Leon Filter.



Learn more about Valentina's 20 minute presentation Felicity Bequeathment (2016-2101) for CONSTANT CRAVING ~ PERFORMING UNDER CONDITIONS, DAI's 3 day graduation lectures marathon, June 2018 

Learn more about Valentina Curandi's written MA thesis: Student Presentation An inquiry into the production of reproduction through an artistic proposition making dispositions for the end of life

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