Wishing we could be there for the opening on November 24 to raise our glasses to the amazing Mercedes Azpilicueta (DAI, 2013). Cuerpos Pájaros / Body-Birds is her first solo exhibition at the Museo de Arte Moderno de Buenos Aires.

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At the Moderno, Mercedes Azpilicueta (La Plata, 1981, lives and works in Amsterdam) will present a series of artworks made in the past five years that have never before been seen in the country as well as a new film commissioned by the Moderno and a performance piece conceived especially for this exhibition.
This panoramic selection of artworks, curated by Laura Hakel, a curator at the Moderno, will highlight the social, emotional and economic elements of Azpilicueta’s work as expressed in voice, body and language. Her works place the focus on how voice and language reveal certain aspects about behaviour that we see and hear everyday. To gather material for her performances, Azpilicueta collects, interprets and manipulates words and sounds from everyday situations such as street hawking, text messaging and behaviour in public spaces, situations where an invisible network of assumptions come into play. The artist exposes these assumptions, showing what can and cannot be achieved through communication and how we construct symbols of excessive strength, or even violence, in our everyday oral language.
The images and texts in the book Mercedes Azpilicueta Body Birds, provide an introduction to the performance work that the artist Mercedes Azpilicueta presented in Body Birds, an exhibition held at the Museo de Arte Moderno de Buenos Aires in 2018. The visual record
and the sketches of some of the works featuring in the exhibition are accompanied
by a curatorial essay by Laura Hakel, a dramaturgical essay by French writer and
curator Virginie Bobin recreating the artist’s symbolic world of reference, and a short
fiction by Argentinian poet Mariano Blatt.