2017-2018 Student Led Activity: The Logistics Group

The main focus of the Logistics Group is to aid the flow of communication between DAI staff and students to allow for a smooth landing within the DAI weeks.

"We attempt to attend to the bits that fall through the cracks and care for the practical details necessary for our day to day functioning as student bodies and human bodies while roaming. From navigating unfamiliar cities together, ensuring we have enough food for breakfast, pooling our collective knowledge or being able to respond to unexpected circumstances, we are who you come to give feedback and ideas and where we attempt to put into practice systems of communication to support us."

2018: Irati, Lucie, Emma, Dayna, Wilff, Mandus, Gayatri and Zoe in ongoing conversation with Jacq van der Spek

2017: Vinita, Elien, Irati, Luca, Zoe.