Adrian Rifkin

tag: London

Adrian Rifkin works with film and cinema, classical and popular music, canonical art and mass imagery, literature and pornography. Until recently he was Professor of Art Writing at Goldsmiths. Rifkin's full biography, many of his essays, as well as his blog can be found on his website , where there are essays on music, queer theory, artists' work and so forth.

He completed two exhibitions of the life and works of the composer Cornelius Cardew, together with Grant Watson, at MuHKA, Antwerp and The Drawing Room, and is involved in a range of conferences on art education and radical pedagogy in the UK – a contribution to this can be found on eflux Journal No 14.

Adrian Rifkin at DAI:

Kitchen respondent & Guest lecturer at several occassions, among them Curating Academy and
To Make A Work - Motivation, Affinity, Circumstance