Projects 2012 — 2013

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2012-2013 Curating Academy

Tutored by Grant Watson and Frederique Bergholtz, co-ordinated by Tanja Baudoin

Framework: If I Can't Dance I Don't Want To Be Part Of Your Revolution

Guests: Natasha Ginwala, Fleur van Muiswinkel, Laura Preston, Susan Gibb, Jacob Korcynski, Adrian Rifkin, Bart van der Heide.


tags: Arnhem, Liverpool


Project curator and core tutor: Renée Ridgway 

Guests: Nishant Shah, Simon Ferdinando, Olav Velthuis, Stephen Wright, Jakob Jakobsen, Marsha Bradfield & Neil Cummings, Rene Gabri and Ayreen Anastas, Brett Bloom, Anthony Iles, Tone Nielsen a.o.

tags: Arnhem, Liverpool, New York

2012-2013 Co-op Academy / Casco, Office for Art, Design and Theory presents: "Publishing Class III - How to Live Together"

The concept and framework is developed by Binna Choi, director of Casco. Yolande van der Heide, publishing coordinator of Casco, is the managing editor of the class. Guests: Christian Nyampeta, Tea Hvala, Hong-Kai Wang, Wendelien van Oldenborgh, Pieter Verbeke and Elisabeth Klement of San Serriffe, Benjamin Thorel


tags: Arnhem, Utrecht

2012-2013 Co-op Academy / the Van Abbemuseum presents 'Useful Art'

Course Coordinator: Nick Aikens

With: Steven ten Thije, Charles Esche, Annie Fletcher, Gemma Medina, Christiane Berndes, Diana Franssen, Daniel Neugebauer and guest lecturers Tanja Bruguera and Bik van der Pol.


tags: Arnhem, Liverpool, Eindhoven

2012-2013 Co-op Academy / If I Can't Dance I Don't Want To Be Part of your Revolution presents 'Occupation Evacuation Transmission'

Framework: Ian White. Tutorials: Ian White, Jimmy Robert and Emma Hedditch. Guests Yael Davids, Anik Fournier, Cecilia Dino, Matthew Lutz-Kinoy, Teresa María Díaz Nerio. Co-ordination Tanja Baudoin (IICD). 


tag: Arnhem

2012-2013 Reading for Writing or How to do Things with Theory

Seminars and tutorials: Alena Alexandrova, Doreen Mende, Jorinde Seijdel

This year's guest lecturers: Florian Cramer, Mark Fisher, Mladen Dolar, Konrad Becker, Chris Kraus, Adania Shibli, Geert Lovink, Nikita Dhawan

Participants: all students 

tag: Arnhem