Alumni Embassy

Is there life after DAI?

We are very proud to say that the majority of our alumni thrive, somewhere, somehow, at the intersections of art (in all its hybridity and all its temporalities and languages) and theory.

As Alma Mater, DAI is committed to support its alumni.

We provide three online, curated platforms from where alumni can keep our community, as well as our wider network updated on their activities:1) the “World” section on our homepage 2) the PhD trajectories page and 3. this “Alumni Embassy” where we publish video-documentation and brief written reports on lecture-performances as presented in the year of graduation.                                                                                                                          

For those who graduated before 2015, no video-documentation or written reports on the final lecture presentation are available. In some of these cases, you will find a written portrait commissioned by DAI, instead. On each Alumni Embassy page, you should furthermore find a link to an abstract of the written MA thesis as well as linkings to personal websites or social media. For the coming years it is our intention to gradually complete this collection with  more portraits to be written by guest-writers. 

We provide letters of recommendation, and we are always happy to advise and encourage our alumni and former students wherever this makes sense. Increasingly our alumni are invited back on board of the spaceship, taking up roles as advisors, cooks, communication designers, coordinators, curators, facilitators, filmmakers, local guides to DAI as Roaming Academy, respondents at the Kitchen and as tutors. The future (of DAI) is in their hands!

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