Avec le vent / with the wind / met de wind (The Outlet Inn)

New DROSTE logo placed back in the Sporthelden neighborhood.

16:00-17:00- Lecture Nico dockx, avec le vent / with the wind / met de wind

17:00-23:00 - Party Negotiating Equity

On The Day of Architecture guest curator Emily Williams will open Nieuwe Vide´s building to the public from 12:00-17:00 and will speak about her experience of the building with regard to the year programme, The Object Lag.

Visual Artist, Nico Dockx will give a lecture at 16:00, entitled, Avec le vent/ with the wind/ met de wind. Dockx, a participant in The Object Lag, will use images from his archive to discuss his experience of architecture to raise a discussion on the notion of architecture.

Artists Tabo Goudswaard, David van der Veldt and current DAI student Eelco Wagenaar place the old Droste chocolate logo back in the Sportheldenbuurt neighberhood of Haarlem. The artists will reveal a new version of the DROSTE logo; an anagram of the letters spell SORTED. The artists add a critical note to the Day of Architecture by commenting on the current tensions amongst residents in the neighborhood since its redevelopment. The Sportheldenbuurt has been split into two halves; on one side the original residents from the former Harmejanswijk and the new residents who have settled in the neighborhood since the redevelopment. Residents both old and new are warmly welcomed to meet and exchange thoughts on the matter during a neighborhood barbeque on the Energieplein from 17:00.

SORTED Marks the last in a series of events (The Outlet Inns) organized in the framework of Negotiating Equity and inspired by the vicinity of Nieuwe Vide and its social context. To conclude the collaboration between the Dutch Art Institute and The Object Lag/ Nieuwe Vide, the evening continues with a party and an overview of the Negotiating Equity events.

Nieuwe Vide, Minckelersweg 6, 2031 EM Haarlem, www.nieuwevide.nl