Condensed Space

The work "Condensed Space" is a collaborative performance work by current DAI student Yenyitzu, DAI alumni Astrid Marit and Chris Meighan.

"Condensed Space" is a developing, continual performance series; After a residency period in Sepember at Punt WG, Amsterdam as the first location, "Condensed Space" transfers to the waiting room of Haarlem railway station as The Object Lag, Cross-Reference contribution's to the Madness & Arts Festival.

Place: wachtkamer 3, Haarlem station (Please be on time, since our performance is dependent upon the train times at the station)

Dates: Sun 26th - 19:00, Mon 27th - 19:00, Tue 28th - 19:00, Wed 29th - 16:00, Thu 30th - 16:00, Fri 01st - 19:00, Sat 02nd - 16:00 & 19:00 and Sun 03rd - 16:00 & 19:00

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