Suzanne van Rest

DAI alumnus Suzanne van Rest is showing two installations at `Galerie Van de Water´ in Eindhoven, who organized this exhibit in collaboration with PEK (Platform Eindhovense Kunstenaars) for GLOW 2010 (international light art festival).

The opening will be Saturday November 6th at Luciferstraat 1-3 and will start at 17.00 till 19.00. At 20.00 GLOW itself will be opened.

The two installations titled: `space between thoughts´ and `soft warmth of southern air´, made specifically for this exhibition, will fill the gallery spaces.

Outside light artist Jaap van den Elzen will exhibit his light-installation `Fenestra´ accompanied by a soundscape from composer Augusto Meijer.

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Suzanne van Rest: