Homage to 34 Dreams for a Monument

Homage to 34 Dreams for a Monument is an exhibition by DAI alumnus Julio Pastor. This exhibition will be presented in the context of the academic congress called "Latin America and the Caribbean: Beyond Neoliberalism?". Through a series of drawings, photographs, and archive material, Julio Pastor depicts the controversies that the construction of a monument has generated in Mexico City.

As Mexico was getting ready to celebrate the 200th anniversary of the country's independence, the government decided to commission 37 well known architects to submit proposals for a monument. The selected project, submitted by César Pérez Becerril, is currently under construction and expected to be finished with a year of delay, in 2011.

"Homage to 34 Dreams for a Monument" is an exhibition that seeks to honour the losing proposals by highlighting the different views about what this monument should look like.

Place: Faculty of Economics and Business, Groningen University, Nettelbosje 2, 9747 AE, Groningen

Julio Pastor: www.juliopastor.com