Marianna Maruyama

Through performance, writing, drawing, and play, Marianna Maruyama looks for ways that movement and language facilitate an awareness of position. In performance, as with publishing, she attends to the before and after moments of an event, extending the life of the activities and encounters that inform her practice.

Recent and long-term projects include: Deep Body Massage; How Language Moves; Il Milione; and the workshops How to Lose Your Voice. In 2013, she published Three Movements, an artist’s book dealing with the negotiation of a globally shared life after the nuclear disaster in Fukushima; and Translation in the Dark, in 2014. As a member of the art journal Kunstlicht’s editorial board, she is lead editor of the issue 'Translation As Method' (publication date January 2017). Exhibitions in 2016 include Deep Body Massage at Manifesta11, Guardian Images at Nico Park Gallery Tokyo, and GG and Five Fingers at Amsterdam-based artists-initiative Klupko.

Maruyama moved to the Netherlands in 2012 after an extensive working period in Japan. Now residing in The Hague, she is a researcher on invitation of the Sedje Hémon foundation.