2016-2018 Wilfred Tomescu (Romania)


Examining Wilfred’s work one will encounter performance, sound pieces, installations, curatorial practice, critical essays, a graphic novel, poetic writing and publications. This all constitutes a wide range of disciplines and media, and also of subject matter. Interestingly, Wilfred’s is not exactly a practice but, as he says, ‘an imitation of a practice’. It results in a ‘practice emulation’ perhaps more engaged in the investigation of sensation and perception than visual and conceptual expressions. He is an enthused student, with a positive attitude, self-determination and able to listen and internalise other people’s opinions. Among his research priorities is developing his writing-based practice as the means to evoke images and create narratives. DAI is certain to be the academic and critical environment where his skills and his inexhaustible curiosity can progress towards a meaningful research.