Seminar 7: Friday May 19th-Saturday 20th, 2017

Our group sessions will take place on Friday 19 May, beginning at 10:00 am at Designhuis. We will focus on our Distribution and Promotion plans for “The Griefers of Bandung". The morning session will end at 12:30. In the afternoon we will convene again for our last session, to tie up loose ends leading into the final design and publication. There will be a feedback session included in this time, which will end before at 17:00 at Designhuis. There is flexibility in this schedule to attend curated events by our DAI colleagues during the day. Tirdad and Sarah are the lecturers for this class, which is our last meeting for the year.

Saturday we will attend the Caucus together as a class.

Seminar 6: Thursday April 26th-Friday 27th, 2017

We in the I left my PDF in Arnhem COOP will continue to work on the areas related to the final book: Editing and copy editing, distribution, design and the Van Abbe event. We will commence with a group session after lunch, followed by updates and then go into individual working groups. David Maroto will be with us and Sarah will be the main tutor. 

Seminar 5: Thursday March 9th-Friday 10th, 2017

During the March meeting, the first day's session will be devoted to a recap of the editorial work of the past three weeks, and to fine tuning the resulting content. Day Two will mark the transition to the second phase of our project, and the regrouping of course participants along the lines of new tasks and collective responsibilities. Tirdad is the main tutor for this session, and will lead the first day's meeting himself. On the second day, artist David Maroto, who will be joining us as managing editor of our publication, will help reorganize matters as we move into a production phase.

Seminar 4: Wednesday February 15th - Thursday February 16th, 2017

During February's meeting, the writing will continue in small writing groups on the Wednesday, focusing on gradually finalizing the respective sections 1 - 4. Tirdad will be the main tutor for this session, and will meet with the groups throughout the day to discuss progress. On Thursday we will meet briefly in the morning to further address issues pertaining to structure and content, but also to agree on the modus operandi for the coming months of February/March. Following this briefing, the Thursday session will offer the last opportunity to collectively pen material on-site, in the form of the existing groups.

- Zhenia has diligently renamed our files in the DAi shared google drive (thank you Zhenia). Please familiarise yourself with the template we are now using to organise files and folders. Not only for our ease of use, but for our desingers and managing editor who will need access and understnading of the materials. 
- Despina, Savannah and Flora are working on the timeline. Please look at it and feedback to them with any additional information. Note: timeline is a reflection of what has beend written to date; it will continue to evolve and is not fixed. We will use it as a common referene point as well as to identify areas that might need attention in the narrative.
- Remote writing will not take place between now and February’s session. Tirdad and I have decided, for now, to restrict the group/collective writing to times when we are present, together. 
- Editing process will take place during the space between February and March meetings, and in Mechelen when we are together. The whole gorup will take on the hands on editing process (not an outside person) through a rotary of materials passed among you, that we will explain later in more detail. This will not only allow for the singular gorup positions to mesh, but will turn it into a highly collective process, i.e. the collective writing is also a collective editing. We will hire a managing editor to oversee the final publication and design process. This person is not actively editing the written materials and will have very little contact with the group.
- Final production. After the February session, Tirdad and I will assign you to tasks for the final countdown to publication. Among these are: copy editing, design-team (liaise Joel and Charlotte); content editors; May event in Eindhoven; graphics/icon editors; launch event in June; distribution and PR. This is not a final list and for now, please don’t stress about these tasks. Simply keep them in minds as areas you will work on together with one or two other people.
- The Dispossessed. Please keep reading and finish this book. A thrid final text will be assigned after Februrary. 

Seminar 3: Wednesday January 18th - Thursday January 19th, 2017

Prior to January's meeting, individuals and pairs will post research conducted since December on the google drive. This research will serve as reference material for the writing to continue in the small writing groups during the January session. The groups will resume writing on Wednesday, focusing on chapter development within the respective sections 1 - 4. Each group will decide what areas need to be covered over several chapters. Sarah will be the main tutor for this session, and will meet with the groups throughout the day to discuss progress. On Thursday we will meet briefly in the morning to address any issues with structure and characters. The writing will continue. Before leaving on Thursday will decide protocols for editing the sections between sessions.

Seminar 2: Wednesday December 14th - Thursday December 15th, 2016

The COOP I Left My pdf in Arnhem will continue with intensive writing, in groups, following the outline of four sections (to be later divided into several chapters). We will also take time during a group discussion to focus on vision and outcome. Sarah will be the main tutor for December, and she will meet independently with the two WT MA students who will be designing our publication. Our group reading for this session is the novella Philip

Seminar 1: Wednesday October 26th - Thursday October 27th, 2016

a) Basic introduction to the workshop premises: precedents, pitfalls, best case scenarios, working terminologies

b) First steps toward a collective writing process: accumulation of open-ended material written on site, followed by the devising of a road map, and a solid division of writerly labor