June 25 ~ Our sister program, the unparalelled Werkplaats Typografie invites you to their End of the Year Show at Radio Kootwijk, National Park Hoge Veluwe

22.06.16 | tag: Veluwe

25 June 2016, 15:00–21:00 hrs

On Saturday 25 June the Werkplaats Typografie End of the Year Show 2016 will take place at Radio Kootwijk. Please join us for this one-day-only event!

An exhibition and a programme of performances, readings and music spread through out the day presented by: Joel Colover, Sabo Day, Rosie Eveleigh, Eloise Harris, Jin Kwang Kim, Robert Milne, Maria Mitcheva, Auriane Preud’homme, Charlotte Taillet, Ronja Andersen, Olya Domoradova, Meg Forsyth, Sarah Käsmayr, Josse Pyl, Nerijus Rimkus, Nora Turato, Maud Vervenne and Caroline Wolewinski.

Feel free to bring your own picnic, but there will also be food and drinks available. Please bring cash (no pin).

We provide transport from Amsterdam and Arnhem to Radio Kootwijk, and back again. For this you only need to sign up in advance. You can also come by car or bicycle. To ensure your seat in the bus please sign up by 20 June directly at www.werkplaatstypografie.org.

Programme 25 June 15:00–21:00:

  • Hymn to the Mundane, audio by Caroline
  • Time After Time launched by Joel
  • The Story of Starling told by Nerijus
  • Deem-Sweet Print, a track list by Auriane
  • A performance by Nora
  • Eight Treasures by Eloise and Sarah
  • We Also Have Our Own Voices, a reading with Rosie
  • Coming Soon by Karen Eliot, conducted by Olya
  • klarendalseweg 111, case study #1, performative recording by Maud
  • Audio Tour by Ronja
  • FROM HERE or THERE (Portraits of Places) by Stuart Sherman, introduced by Robert, published by Instituut
  • Apparatuses and Methods for Writing with Electrical Signals, demonstrated by Josse
  • Conversations with Jin
  • For Resting Purposes Only by Charlotte
  • Precious Cargo by Sabo
  • Avocado Distribution Guidelines by Sarah
  • Still-Sailing, a live set by Maria
  • Constant Club Vol. 5, Saturn Departz by Meg


Hope to see you there!


Werkplaats Typografie

Radio Kootwijk, National Park Hoge Veluwe