Drawing on a 1:1 Scale by Aarti Sunder (DAI, 2015) & Oh My Dear God – Are You One of Those Single Tear People? :’( by Jammie Nicholas (DAI, 2016) now published by Open! Platform for Art, Culture & the Public Domain


Image: Aarti Sunder, Drawing on a 1:1 Scale essay illustration


We are excited to present the publications of Aarti Sunder’s (DAI, 2015) & Jammie Nicholas’ (DAI, 2016) essays for the Open! COOP Academy series ‘did you feel it?


Drawing on a 1:1 Scale

In this essay, Aarti Sunder looks at how the self negotiates continuously changing boundaries and what potential lies in the relational field. The abstraction inherent to neoliberalism has us constantly shifting between the real and virtual. The self moves among multiple spheres, perhaps in search of shared universals and a future other than alienation.


Oh My Dear God – Are You One of Those Single Tear People? :’

Jammie Nicholas is writing about the moment you realize that a single tear has formed and is cascading down your cheek. This isn’t about the act of crying or the emotions associated with tears. This is about the single tear, :’( . This isn’t about the other tears, the ones that come after the :’( has been shed. This is about the image of a :’( , the moment that forms that image, and its subsequent abstractions and permutations in popular culture. This isn’t about feeling but rather the realization of feeling a feeling. This is about the baggage attached to an image and what is potentially transferred when this image is viewed. This isn’t about what is felt but rather that it is felt. This is asking whether ubiquitously understood images can mean something anymore.