April 23 ~ Queer Aesthetics ~ workshop conceptualised by Dr. Antke Engel & Ismael Ogando

07.04.16 | tag: Halle

The workshop brings short, inspiring, provocative quotes on queer aesthetics by thinkers of diverse backgrounds as well as a variety of (audio)visual material. While initiating a dialogue between the artistic and the theoretical approaches, we invite you, the participants, to engage with each other, with us as well as the material. Taking seriously the agency of art and theory we wish to collectively develop and discuss about understandings of queer audio-visual culture and its potential to intervene in a complexity of racist, sexist, heteronormative, ableist, and occidentalist structures. What does it mean, to rewrite violent histories and to invent futures from multiple and diverse queer perspectives?

The Queer Aesthetics Workshop is conceptualised by Dr. Antke Engel & Ismael Ogando.

Workshop & talk Queer Aesthetics by Antke Engel on 23. April 2016 from 14 - 17 followed by the opening of the exhibition of“Landfill Dance” by  Tejal Shah  and “Luan” by Wu Tien-chang ( 23. April - 01. Mai 2016). 

Rauminhalt, Geiststr. 43, 06108 Halle (Saale)

More info at http://queer-aesthetic-halle.tumblr.com/