Your personal costs of living OUTSIDE of the DAI-weeks: 

While during all DAI-weeks lodging and 3 meals per day will be taken care of by the DAI, it goes without words that you will have to look after yourself during the weeks OUTSIDE of our monthly gatherings.


Monthly travel costs ( appr. 40 euro)

The amount needed to travel back and forth to the Netherlands - from where you are based will have to be invested for every DAI-week. Read more about what to expect if, due to our "Roaming" itinerary your travel costs exceed the costs of your average ticket back and forth to Arnhem.

Insurances ( appr. 50 euro) 

DAI students must have a health-as well as a liability insurance. Please consult The Quick Arrival Guide for International Students

Food, drink ( appr. 180 euro)

Wherever you are based, sharing a kitchen where you can prepare communal meals can make a lot of difference ! 

Clothing etc ( appr. 100 euro)

Being part of DAI Roaming Academy means that you will have to deal with a variety of weatherconditions: from rainy and cold to warm and sunny. You should be prepared for both. If, in between DAI Weeks you are going to be based in the Netherlands, you should count on lots of rain... 

Telephone and internet ( appr. 50 euro)

Production costs art & research ( appr. 40 euro) 

Books, materials etc according to your needs and possibilities.

Rent, electricity, gas and water ( appr. 500 euro) 

The amount will largely depend on where you are based. It is likely that you will pay less for a room in Arnhem, Rotterdam, Berlin, Brussels or Zagreb (all mentioned as examples) than for a room in expensive Amsterdam or crazy expensive London.

Wrapping up: students based in the Netherlands should count on spending in total between € 700 and € 1000 per month, depending on their location and on their personal economy. There are quit a number of DAI-students traveling from where they are based to the DAI in Arnhem, on a monthly base. 

See also the Nuffic's Study in Holland daily expenses page.  

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