A teaser to introduce Anna Hoetjes(DAI, 2012)' new movie "Interface" has been released at Cinecrowd. You are welcome to watch & participate !

26.02.16 | tag: Amsterdam

Dear fellow ex-DAI’ers,

I would love to show you the project I’ve been working on lately: a short futuristic movie Interface.

If you're also interested in the effects that screens and surveillance have on our body and identity, and if you like the way it's visualized here, you might like to support it. Every little bit helps. If you cannot or don't want to donate, spreading the word also helps to make this film! 

Like that the last scenes can be shot and the postproduction can be done. Then Interface will run on the big screen: Co-produced by seriousFilm and VPRO Dorst, the film will enter in the Dutch Film Festival and international filmfestivals for short experimental films; partly made possible by you! 

And of course you get things in return: an invite to the premiere party of VERS, a exclusive peek into the making process at EYE, or an ‘invisible’ tour through Amsterdam. And for amounts with two zeros, you even get an actual artwork on your wall. Are you abroad? Then there are special rewards for you that don't require your presence in the Netherlands.

If you enthusiastic, please share the link on Facebook or forward this page. Because the more people know about this project, the bigger the chance that Interface can be made! Or like the first supporter wrote yesterday: “In order for this film to become a must-see for anyone thinking about the consequences of the digital revolution.”

Thanks and keep me posted on your work too!

Anna Hoetjes