2013 - 2015 Constanza Puente: "How can we enlarge, extend and enrich the narratives that we are immersed in?"

Excerpt from Constanza's 20 minute presentation for Do The Right Thing ! ~ DAI's 3 day graduation lectures marathon, July 2015.

Heuristic Explorations (Part 1)


Constanza Puente and Valentina Miorandi’s collaborative work asks how we can extend our cognitive ability, and at the same time, how we can enlarge our vocabulary by using new words from other fields and derived from personal experiences to enrich our ability to communicate. Adopting the form of a dialogue, the presentation underlined the importance of temporality and the body, and explored frames of references, quoting from films, notes, clips, and other fragments. Puente explained that the project had its origin in a lack – “one of us missed an experience” and this work was a way of reconstructing that absence in an ongoing heuristic exploration. With assigned roles – camera holder, writer, reader, the person who will take the trip – this journey happened in the form of a dialogue, and the dialogue in a mirrored relationship, was the journey.

Maria Hlavajova observed that the presentation dealt well with the question of “when?”, saying that, “you involved “us” before it began.” For Hlavajova, “this work is about movement and it stems from an attempt to figure out how to move in the present moment.” Puente’s way of guiding the audience was not imposed but rather seemed to be a way coming along with or speaking with another voice. “Perhaps,” Hlavajova said, “we can think in conceptual itineraries rather than just vocabularies.”

Marina Vishmidt was interested in the conceptual itinerary of the project itself. Reflecting on her own engagement with the project, she considered that she might have misunderstood the question, “how to go on?”. “I saw it as a question of decision not as a question of motion.” Furthermore, she commented that the project itself is opening up a lot of other questions and she is curious to see where it goes and how it will develop.

Bassam el Baroni found the roles that they are playing of particular interest. He said that the question they posed to him, “how do you stand up and proceed?” doesn’t make a distinction between the private/personal self and professional self and this exposes one’s vulnerability. “In that gap there is also some kind of reality that is often not exposed. And that seems to be what the project is about – it seems to be hinged on that gap...the artist is taking up a role that is somehow in between kind of a friend, and a psychologist or psychoanalyst, and curatorial role, very complex process.”

In response to Puente’s work, Alena Alexandrova recalled the film “Time Regained” directed by Chilean filmmaker Raúl Ruiz. In one scene, which shows an orchestra and audience, the viewer can see a strange motion and then realizes that both the camera and the stage are moving, making three layers of motion and frames of reference. “You are trying to touch something that has a very inaccessible definition – this is the space of poetic thinking, lucid dreaming and floating. You can’t name it or fix the point.” Alexandrova also referred to Kenneth White’s book, “The Blue Road” (journey into the far north) and a French psychiatrist who proposed an alternative way of treating autistic children.

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