Open studios

DAI alumnus Carlijn Mens is showing her project precerved places. Vismarkt, Den Helder. Carlijn Mens *********************** Art, Migration and Identity November 14 - December 6 2009 A unique art exhibition based on an IFAA 2008 artist in residency program by Thamgidi Foundation. During this program eight African Biennale artists (Dakar, 2006) and several national and international artists working and living in the Netherlands explored the theme Art, Migration and Identity intensively. Their free association around a culture of cultures, exchange and open dialogue resulted in a stunning art exhibition: Art, Migration and Identity. Stichting Art in Redlight continues this intercultural dialogue in Amsterdam in more than one way. As of the 14th of November the characteristic Oude Kerk will act as host for this colourful collection of works. Preceding the exhibition Bright Ugochukwu Eke will be working on a dazzling outdoor installation on the Nieuwmarkt. And as Eke explains, `My work is from the environment, about the environment; from the public, about the public from the society/culture and about the society/culture´ he invites everybody to participate in his creation. Starting the 2nd of November! Furthermore the Biennale award winning 5 Apes Container (Skopje, September 2009) will present their culinary table of discussions event How much is Enough? Participating artists: Bill Kouelany (Congo), Bright Ugochukwu Eke (Nigeria), Cheikhou Ba (Senegal), Pélagie Gbaguidi (Benin/Belgium), Misheck Masamvu (Zimbabwe), Mansour Ciss (Senegal), Nkosikhona Ngcobo (South-Africa), Kelvine Dalton Johnston (England), Alite Thijsen (The Netherlands), Andrea Stultiens (The Netherlands), Keiko Sato (Japan), Rob Sweere (The Netherlands), Aref Damee (Afghanistan), DAI alumnus Teresa Maria Diaz Nerio (Dominican Republic), Frouwkje Smit (The Netherlands) and Frank van der Weijden (The Netherlands) The Oude Kerk and the Nieuwmarkt, Amsterdam