Planetary Campus Trust Fund

Embedded in the support structure of the Graduate School of the ArtEZ University of the Arts our precious program is, for the largest part, funded by the Dutch Ministry of Education. Relatively moderate tuition fees established by the Dutch Governement as well as contributions from students to our Project Fund complement our annual production budget. The ArtEZ University of the Arts offers a very limited number of scholarships to prospective non-EU students across the university in order "to support diversity among the student body". 

Planetary Campus Trust Fund (in statu nascendi)

DAI aims to be able to support MORE students than those awarded with the occasional ArtEZ Scholarship; too many brilliant and commendable prospective DAI-students are currently barred by increasingly precarious economic and political conditions. We therefore warmly (WARMLY!!) welcome any donations, big or small. Private and corporate or institutional supporters can trust that we are fully committed to engage in productive and precise conversations with you and that we are willing to explore all viable formats.

Two examples 

Recently (March, 2018) we welcomed a truly wonderful gesture of solidarity from one of our current students, who decided to abstain from any of the travel refunds made available from our Roaming budget, so as to reinforce our program's capacity to support other students, working and living under more precarious conditions. 

Since the Van Abbe Museum in Eindhoven, our longstanding partner, has been committed to provide generous support (in a variety of ways) to specific students arriving from wartorn or otherwise complex and difficult political and economical contexts.  

Mobilize our bodies, our intelligences

The scintillating perspective of a much more inclusive Planetary Campus where the promising, highly motivated individuals, wishing to mobilize their bodies and their intelligences, can finally enroll under truly welcoming and respectful conditions, fills us with EXCITEMENT, HOPE and LOVE. The DAI-students we are hoping to support are active change makers in their own country of origin, for example operating as (co)- founders of artist organizations and serving different segments of the community. Through their work and vision they contribute to a shared understanding of different worlds and realities.

Return upon investment

By investing in the future of a promising artist, curator or researcher, supporters will have exciting opportunities to follow the development and activities of these young and inspiring practitioners, and see a future in the making. Please note that there are many ways to offer support to selected candidates, for example, collecting or promoting their work, offering affordable housing, or sharing networks and professional relationships that could lead to work opportunities in the future. 

It goes without saying that your most precious offer to support (one of) our students (in one way or another) will be handled with the utmost confidentiality.

Please contact Gabriëlle Schleijpen ( for a preliminary exploration of shared interests.