Our alliances in the academic year 2015-2016

10.10.15 | tags: Arnhem, Jakarta, Jatiwangi, Tanakita , Bandung

Apart from our ongoing structural collaboration with esteemed partners Casco (Office for Art, Design and Theory in Utrecht), If I Can 't Dance I Don't Want To Be Part Of your Revolution (in Amsterdam), OPEN! (Platform for Art, Culture and the Public Domain in Amsterdam/Eindhoven), the Van Abbemuseum (in Eindhoven) as well as the Werkplaats Typografie (our sister program in Arnhem), our students and tutors are equally interested in the mutual exploration in which we engage together with our more or less transitory alliances and comrades.



Tanakita campsite


Forum Lenteng

Jatiwangi Art Factory 

Museum of the Asian-African Conference

Motel Spatie

Theatergroep Oostpool