DAI-BULLETIN nr. 6 ~ Marfa, Texas, Sao Paulo and Tehran

01.04.15 | tags: Marfa, Sao Paulo, Tehran

Reinforcing its structure of monthly gatherings in Arnhem, the DAI's Roaming Academy offers an itinerant program that combines courses in the Netherlands with travel abroad.

In March and April 2015 students and tutors traveled to São Paulo, Texas or Tehran:

~ To Make a Work: Molecular Revolutions

One group has been developing work at Casa do Povo in São Paulo together with core tutors, curator Grant Watson, scholar Wanderley Dos Santos and artist Yael Davids. The group teamed up with the Nucleo of Subjectivity at PUC (Pontifícia Universidade Católica) and attended seminars by Suely Rolnik, Peter Pál Pelbart, Paula Cheiffi, Amilcar Packer, Max J. Hinderer, Manuela Moscoso and Benjamin Seroussi.



Another group spend two weeks in Marfa, Texas with their tutor Jon Mikel Euba and If I Can't Dance I Don't Want to Be Part Of Your Revolution's, director Frédérique Bergholtz and curator Susan Gibb for an intensive workshop set against the backdrop of Marfa’s desert plains and the legacies of the artist Donald Judd and Minimalism.


~A Cinétract by other means: Notes from Tehran

The third working period on location was organised in partnership with independent non-profit art center Sazmanab in Tehran, directed by Sohrab Kashani and in close collaboration with art research graduate Zohreh Deldadeh. Framework: core tutor Doreen Mende in partnership with Kodwo Eshun from The Otolith Collective.