Why Video?

A DAI workshop led by Hala Elkoussy.

“Why Video?”
Video became an accessible medium for artists since the sixties. It was a vital tool to record performances in the seventies. Now, it is more predominant than ever with every major exhibition hosting more video works in dark rooms than anything else. The question of “why video?” is more pertinent than ever. In the first session of this workshop we look at examples of recent video productions and try to establish why this medium was the best (un)suited to the concept and direction of the artist. Through an open discussion on durational aspects and the mechanics of camera work using the cases in point, we come closer to what makes a video artwork work.
The session is concluded by an introduction to pre-production issues. A technical medium requires preparation. From the original idea or concept until the shooting, steps need to be taken to ensure the desired results. What are those steps? How can the idea/concept be broken down into achieavable, measurable steps.