DAI-BULLETIN Nr.3 ~ a talk by Alexandra Navratil, the launch of DAI's APRC with Maria Fusco & Christa-Maria Lerm Hayes + The Sonsbeek Series session nr. 3 with Vesna Madzoski & Jelena Vesić.

26.11.14 | tag: Arnhem

Monday December 8 at 19.45: An evening with Alexandra Navratil, invited by Alena Alexandrova.

Location: DAI's auditorium, Kortestraat 27, Arnhem READ MORE

Tuesday December 9 at 19.45: DAI launches it's Associate PHD Research Collective with special guests Maria Fusco & Christa-Maria Lerm Hayes.

Location: DAI's auditorium, Kortestraat 27, Arnhem   READ MORE 

Wednesday December 10 at 19:45: session nr.3 in The Sonsbeek Series with Vesna Madzoski & Jelena Vesić. 

Location: DAI's auditorium, Kortestraat 27, Arnhem  READ MORE

During the DAI-week in December our students will not only meet with Vesna Madzoski, Jelena Vesić, Maria Fusco and Christa-Maria Lerm-Hayes they will also exchange ideas in a more intimate setting with Alexandra Navratil, Rana Hamadeh, Foundland and Fucking Good Art as well as with regular tutors/project leaders Grant Watson, Yael Davids, Tanja Baudoin, Jon Mikel Euba , Doreen Mende, Kodwo Eshun ( The Otolith Group),  Jorinde Seijdel, Florian Göttke, Nick Aikens, Sanne Oorthuizen, Alena Alexandrova, Bassam El Baroni and Marina Vishmidt,.

The DAI-week is a dense weaving of seminars, (publishing) classes, lectures, workshops, performances, presentations, face to face conversations and communal meals taking place in Arnhem on a monthly base. DAI-week gatherings work as an experimental learning environment, think tank, networking platform, theory camp and temporary art commune.