DAI-bulletin nr. 1: For it's 2014-2015 introduction week DAI HITS THE ROAD: from Eindhoven to Amsterdam via Arnhem, Rotterdam to Utrecht.

28.09.14 | tags: Amsterdam, Utrecht, Rotterdam, Arnhem, Eindhoven

Dear friends and relations of the DAI,

Today's public opening of the exhibition Using the Museum: Dutch Art Institute at the Van Abbemuseum marks the beginning of our introduction week during which our tutors and project curators will present their compelling project outlines for the upcoming academic year. 

A touring car will take us on a 5-day road trip from Eindhoven to Amsterdam, via Arnhem, Rotterdam and Utrecht, bringing together students 2014-2015, graduating students 2013-2014, alumni, tutors, special guests Adrian Rifkin and Mark Kremer  around works of art, a book launch, talks, performances, screenings and communal meals in all the respective cities. The precise program is to be found in DAI-bulletin 2014-2015 no 1. 


As for our curriculum in the upcoming year: we are proud and excited that Dr. Marina Vischmidt will join Dr. Alena Alexandrova and Bassam El Baroni for our How To Do Things With Theory seminars and lectures. We are equally delighted that Jon Mikel Euba, the Otolith Group and Yael Davids will team up with curators If I Can't Dance I Don't Want To Be Part Of Your Revolution, Dr. Doreen Mende and Grant Watson for our Roaming Academy-projects, which this year will bring the tutorial teams plus students to Marfa, São Paulo and Tehran. Fernando García-Dory will be involved on a regular base in the Publishing Class, our collaboration with Casco, Office for Art, Theory and Design in the context of the CO-OP Academy. Under this umbrella DAI presents year-long projects on questions of publicness, curated and tutored by our longstanding allies Casco, and the Van Abbemuseum. We are thrilled to be able to announce that Open!, Platform for Art, Culture and the Public Domain has now hooked up with us as an educational partner as well. 

Program details, including public lectures in the context of our newly assembled Associate PHD-Researchers Collective and our continuing Sonsbeek-Series will soon be conveyed to you via our website, facebook page and further mailings. For now: we look forward to greet you, at home or in the world.

Warmest wishes, on behalf of all those who are contributing, in a variety of ways, to this "grand tour". 

Gabriëlle Schleijpen

Artistic director & head of program 

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