DAI-week May 2014: we are pleased to welcome you at our auditorium for a talk by Laure Prouvost and for lecture nr. 1 in The Sonsbeek Series, this time delivered by Valerie Smith, curator Sonsbeek '93. Join us for a DAI-lecture by Brian Kuan Wood, kindly hosted by Museum Arnhem. Read DAI-BULLETIN nr. 8

04.05.14 | tag: Arnhem

Sonsbeek 1993: Pepe Espaliú, El Nido (the nest), performance.


Dear friends and relations of the DAI,


If you happen to be around in the Netherlands, more specifically in Arnhem, we warmly welcome you to join us for some  public events:

Monday May 12 ~ At 9:00pm DAI - SALON with an artist talk by 

Laure Prouvost ~ Thank you for coming


Tuesday May 13 ~ At 7:30pm: 'Arnhem, New York and Berlin, an ever expanding and contracting context', 

The Sonsbeek Series ~ Lecture Nr 1  by  Valerie Smith


Friday May 16 ~ At 2:30 pm ~ 'Fatal Attraction: the internet as empathy', a  Lecture by Brian Kuan Wood kindly hosted by Museum Arnhem and invited by Bassam El Baroni in the context of his seminar Agitationism

Except for the lecture at the Museum Arnhem on Friday, the events are free of charge and take place in our cozy auditorium, Kortestraat 27 in Arnhem.


In addition we are proud to mention that during this DAI-week in May our students will furthermore meet and work with the following (guest) tutors: Janine Armin, Anniek Brattinga, Yael Davids, TJ Demos, Chiara Fumai, Rana Hamadeh, Matthew Lutz Kinnoy, Ahmet Öğüt, Adrian Rifkin, Rebecca Sakoun, Milica Tomić, Benjamin Thorel, David Weber-Krebs, associate PHD-researchers Florian Göttke and David Maroto as well as with core tutors/project leaders Nick Aikens (Van Abbe Museum) Alena Alexandrova, Bassam El BaroniSusan Gibb (If I Can't Dance), Yolande van der Heide (Casco), Doreen MendeWendelien van OldenborghRenée Ridgway, Jorinde Seijdel and Grant Watson. We like to extend our warm welcome to Renata Cervetto, Kris Dittel, Lara Khaldi, Emma Panza, Aneta Rostkowska and Kate Strain, participants in the De Appel Curatorial Programme who will be meeting with all of our 35 students during face to face meetings curated by Michelle Brown (DAI, 2015) and Kate Strain (De Appel CP, 2014) as well as with Valerie Smith for a collectively conducted interview. 


On Wednesday - evening we will attend an adaption of Beckett's 'Not I', performed by Alirezah Keymanesh, who, generously supported by a special program of the UAF, has been a guest researcher for one year at the ArtEZ Master of Choreography as well as the DAI (at If I Can't Dance's class Appropriation & Dedication). This presentation, supervised by our colleague Joao Da Silva, will be his farewell to Arnhem. 


With this amazing line-up the DAI community is ready to embark on yet another vibrant DAI-week, dense weaving of seminars, (publishing) classes, lectures, workshops, performances, presentations, face to face conversations and communal meals taking place in Arnhem on a monthly base. DAI-week gatherings work as an experimental learning environment, think tank, networking platform, theory camp and temporary art commune. Read the full day-to-day program for May 2014 in our BULLETIN no 8.


Last but not least, I am pleased to break the cheerful news that Renée Ridgway, core tutor and project leader at DAI since 2009 has embarked as a PhD fellow at Copenhagen Business School, Denmark in their Management, Philosophy and Politics department in cooperation with Leuphana University's Digital Cultures Research Lab in Lüneburg. In the coming two years we are dedicated to closely follow her exciting and most relevant research itinerary.  Read more

On behalf of our staff and students I wish you all the best, 

Gabriëlle Schleijpen


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