JUBILEE was initiated in 2012 by Justin Bennett, Vincent Meessen, Katrien Reist and Katleen Vermeir & Ronny Heiremans. As a cooperative platform, it supports (audio-visual) practices and projects that develop out of thematically diverse, discursive and cross-disciplinary research.

Starting from the practice of a core group of artists, JUBILEE set up an organizational structure that strengthens the practice and output of its members through joining efforts and equally distributing of the collective assets and recourses (human, intellectual, material and financial). This results in a particular micro-economy, that we explore in exchange with art professionals, organizations and structures - both locally and internationally.

Based on the idea of open source practice, redistribution of accumulated value and the exchange of knowledge - both on an artistic level and as well as business administration - JUBILEE researches possible trajectories for change towards a new economy, also for the arts.