DAI week February 2014: You are welcome to attend presentations by our guests Jeff Guess, Otobong Nkanga, Jakob Jakobsen and Jacqueline de Jong - read about their public lectures in DAI-bulletin no 5

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Dear friends and relations of the DAI,

 While Grant Watson, Wendelien van Oldenborgh, Anjalika Sagar and Andrea Phillips together with the 11 participants in the DAI-project To Make a Work - Motivation, Affinity, Circumstance are returning from their enriching and inspiring research trip to Kolkata and Santinketan in India, the DAI community is getting ready for highly concentrated time in Arnhem where another 'DAI-week' (this dense weaving of seminars, reading groups, publishing classes, lectures, performances, presentations, face to face conversations and communal meals) awaits all students, tutors and guests.

If you happen to be around in the Netherlands we warmly welcome you to join us for the public part of our upcoming program:


* Conversation on the Internationale Situationiste

On Wednesday February 12 between 17 till 18 pm a conversation between artist, educator and activist Jakob Jakobsen from Copenhagen and Dutch painter, sculptor and graphic artist Jacqueline de Jong (born 1939) will take place at our cosy auditorium. In 1959 Jacqueline de Jong became involved with Danish artist Asger Jorn and through him with the Gruppe Spur, the German section of the Internationale Situationiste. The conversation takes place in the context of our project Welcome to Econotopia/Commons of the Contemporary, curated by Renée Ridgway.  


* Shifting States- Platforms for Experimentation

On the same Wednesday, but then in the evening, we look forward to great you at the DAI's auditorium for SHIFTING STATES – PLATFORMS FOR EXPERIMENTATION, a public presentation by Otobong Nkanga (currently based in Berlin). Note that no entrance fee is required for presentations at our auditorium in the Kortestraat


* Ekphrastic Objects

On Friday February 14 between 14:00 and 16:00 pm we will team up with the museum for modern and contemporary art (MMKA) in Arnhem and present you with the lecture performance Ekphrastic Objects by Paris based artist Jeff Guess. The event is curated by curator, theorist and tutor Alena Alexandrova in the context of her seminar Anarcheologies at the DAI. For ArtEZ-students the entrance  is free. For all others the normal museum's entrance regulations are applicable.


During DAI-week 5 in February 2014 our students will not only meet with Jeff Guess, Otobong Nkanga, Jakob Jakobsen and Jacqueline de Jong but also with guest tutors Emily Roysdon, Willem van Weelden, Jelena Vesić, Benjamin Thorel, Tina Sherwell (TBC) and Nikos Doulos and with 'regulars' Nick Aikens, Tanja Baudoin, Susan Gibb, Renée Ridgway, Janine ArminYolande van der Heide, Grant Watson, Wendelien van Oldenborgh, Doreen Mende, Florian Göttke, Bassam El Baroni, Alena Alexandrova, Jorinde Seijdel and myself, the undersigned. 

Please find the full program for the upcoming DAI-week in DAI bulletin 2013-2014 no 5


We like you to note that as of the beginning of February we are again accepting applications for the 2014-2016 academic term. We warmly welcome your informed recommendations and of course highly appreciate it if you can connect us to parties, interested in finding out more about our quite exceptional program. We are thrilled to share with you what Tom Holert, one of our esteemed external assessors for the upcoming renewal of our official accreditation by the NVAO wrote us right after the assessment committee's two-day site visit: "Already your "critical (self) reflection" challenged the conventions of PR in a striking way. I was stunned to read such an unguarded polemical account while preparing for the days at DAI, incredulous that a program rendered that way will actually live up to the expectations raised by the text. But I became convinced that this fine-tuned balance of consistency and contingency of DAI's experimental learning environment/think tank/networking platform/theory camp/temporary art commune is actually a reality".

To this observation we like to add that our program is (continuously) shaped and re-shaped not only by a wealth of individual practitioners, but also by 3 of the most outstanding, progressive and perceptive professional platforms, based in the Netherlands - but truly transnational in their scope. It is an ongoing pleasure for our students and staff to be able to team up with Casco, Office for Art, Design and Theory, If I Can't Dance I Don't Want To Be Part Of Your Revolution and the Van Abbe Museum.

On behalf of tutors, staff, partners and students and 

looking forward to greet you in Arnhem or elsewhere

I wish you all the best,

Gabriëlle Schleijpen

Head of Program

Dutch Art Institute


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