DAI OUTSIDE ACADEMY / Call for ALUMNI / New World Summit - Academy for Cultural Activism workshops at BAK in Utrecht & Masterclass: Consequences of Counterterrorism Policies as part of See You In The Hague

08.10.13 | tags: Utrecht, The Hague

This year the DAI offers participation to its students and ALUMNI in four workshops: one is organized by "See You in The Hague" with Stroom and curator Brigitte van der Sande; three are organized by "The New World Summit", the Dutch artist Jonas Staal and BAK, Utrecht. All four workshops engage in highly topical political questions and ask to imagine alternative ways of tackling complex societal problems.

Workshop 1: "Consequences of Counterterrorism Policies" with See You in The Hague, 15 Nov, 6 Dec and 10 Jan, www.stroom.nl

Workshop 2: "Towards a People's Culture" with The New World Summit, 15 – 17 Nov

Workshop 3: "Collective Struggle of Refugees" with The New World Summit, 29 Nov – 1 Dec

Workshop 4: "Leaderless Politics" with The New World Summit, 13 – 15 Dec

For further questions and to state your interest, please contact: Florian Göttke, fu.goettke@ gmail.com
The New World Summit provides accommodation and food during the workshops.                                                   The DAI offers assistance with the travel expenses.

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