DAI-week October 2013 / Philippe-Alain Michaud & Gwen Allen / two public lectures on Friday October 18 / read DAI-bulletin 2

09.10.13 | tags: Arnhem, Utrecht

Dear friends and relations of the DAI,

If you happen to be around in the Netherlands you are kindly invited to join us for (one of) two public lectures, both taking place on Friday October 18:  

14:00 pm
Aby Warburg: the History of Art as a Scene by Philippe-Alain Michaud
curated by Alena Alexandrova in the context of her seminar Anarcheologies and kindly  hosted by the MMKA Museum  for Contemporary Art in Arnhem

19:00 pm
Casco & DAI invite you for a Publishing Class talk with Gwen Allen. Location: Casco in Utrecht

On Saturday October 19 at 14:00 pm this will be followed by a picnic book launch of publications by 9 DAI students and alumni, also at Casco.

For the DAI-community these public moments are part of our intensive October 'DAI-week', during which  our students will not only meet with Gwen Allen and Philippe-Alain Michaud but also with guest tutors Imogen Stidworthy, Jonas Staal , Xue Mu and Brigitte van der Sande. Core tutors Grant WatsonRenée RidgwayDoreen Mende, Jorinde Seijdel, Alena AlexandrovaTanja Baudoin, Matthew Lutz-Kinnoy,Yolande van der Heide,  Nick Aikens and Florian Göttke will embark on their new exciting projects and seminars, together with our students. The gatherings and classes are not necessarily (all) open to the public but visitors are always welcome for a cup of coffee and a chat or discussion in our Reading Room, where you can also have a look at our publications since 2004. (Contact Jacq van der Spek if you feel like dropping by).

Please find the full program for October 14, 15, 16, 17 and 18 in DAI bulletin 2 

On behalf of faculty, partners, staff and students, I send  you our warm regards,

Gabriëlle Schleijpen

Head of Program  / MFA ArtEZ                                                                                                                                                     


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