Anik Fournier


Anik teaches contemporary art theory in the Fine Arts department of ArtEZ Arnhem and research and discourse at the KABK in the Hague. Since obtaining her doctorate from the Amsterdam School of Cultural Analysis (University of Amsterdam) she has guest lectured at the University of Amsterdam, Sandberg Instituut, and the School for New Dance Development. Previously she was a resident at the Banff Research in Culture, and a curatorial fellow with the Whitney Museum Independent Study Program in New York. Resent curatorial projects include Art Newsroom at Circa Dit, Arnhem (with Lado Darakhvelidze) and Lets Play, Lux Nijmegen (with Andree van de Kerkhove). She is co-author of Undercurrents: Experimental Ecosystems in Recent Art.


Anik Fournier at the DAI:
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